www.tostudyinukraine.org“, is owned and operated by  LLC OguCS, “ogucs.com.” a business and educational consulting company registered in Ukraine.

The major activities are in the field of educational consulting and recruitment of international students from around the world to study in any of the numerous Ukraine universities that we represent, alongside other activities which you can read from our corporate site: www.ogucs.com, or download the free brochure.

Ukraine’s quality education system, and it’s comparative cost advantage are features that have been prevalent for a long time, but received international spotlight only in recent years. We are in the forefront in helping any international student seeking to take advantage of the affordable education in Ukraine to fulfill his / her academic dreams.

LLC OguCS is a registered representative of some Ukraine universities, and entrusted to recruit foreign students interested to pursue a university education in Ukraine universities.

“OguCS” is composed of a team of professional consultants, Ukrainians and foreigners, with industry insight, long standing field experience, with ethical and professional approach towards rendering their services.

Below is a copy of OguCS Students’ Recruitment Permit from the Ukrainian State Center of International Education.


OguCS Students Recruitment Permit From Ukraine State Center of International Education

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