affordable education in ukrainePrior to discussing affordable education in Ukraine universities, a proper understanding of the terms “affordable,” and “cheap”, will proffer a lot of useful insights. You probably may have come across headlines like “cheap education in Ukraine” etc, which will be discussed in this article.

As much as possible, we try and avoid the use of the term “cheap education,” because in the real context, it sends the wrong signal. Most times, the word “cheap” conveys a message of low quality, sub-standard or simply manageable. Moreover, education is never cheap. Even if it is completely tuition free, the investment of time and intellectual resources already makes education not cheap. These are resources that cannot easily be assigned an empirical monetary value. So education cannot be categorized as cheap, and study in Ukraine is therefore not a cheap investment. However, it could be comparatively affordable, as you will find out in the rest of this article.

The Merriam-webster’s online dictionary defines the word “affordable” as follows:

•  to manage to bear without serious detriment
•  to be able to bear the cost of

From the above definitions, it is logical that the term “affordable” is a relative term which is user defined and unique to each individual. This means that what is affordable to one individual might not be affordable to another, even when the price tag is the same.

The same Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary defines the word “cheap” as ” minimum expense”.

And the big question is

Does “minimum expense” imply “bearable”? What if this “minimum expense” runs into a couple of thousands of dollars for a family with an annual income of a few thousand dollars, or hundreds? What if the income distribution per member of the family per annum runs into a couple of hundreds of dollars? What if it becomes inevitable to part with or mortgage the most precious acquisition as a condition for this “minimum expense”? Obviously the “minimum expense” becomes NOT “bearable”, and therefore NOT affordable. However, for a family with an annual income of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, having a few thousand dollars budget distribution per member of the family per annum, the answer could be different.

The truth is that

the cost of education in Ukraine, compared to some universities in African countries, is more expensive. However, compared to some Western European and advanced countries, the cost becomes less expensive, but this cannot be said to be explicitly cheap. BECAUSE IT IS NOT. How many people read those headlines, and only WISH that they can AFFORD it?, because to them, it is not cheap. A “make-believe cheap” to these people only questions their intelligence and sense of judgment. To the group of people that can comfortably bear the cost, it is simply affordable for their budget, which does not necessarily imply that it is cheap, as some sacrifices might just have been made for it to be affordable.


at, the cost of education in Ukraine is not categorized as cheap or expensive. An individual approach is employed, customizing the proposal for each client to suit their earlier defined budget. This way, we assist each client define the term “affordable”. By having a client-based definition of “affordable”, the client can as well consider it as “cheap”. But this is explicitly at the client’s discretion, and not generalized. As a result, each client is given the offer that is unique and coherent with their budget, making it affordable, which only the client can rightly consider as cheap, if he/she thinks so.

In reality

this is achieved through our  premium appraisal service, which eliminates guess work, and builds a client based offer. However, before the pre-assessment application, the client is encouraged to read the sections on the requirements to study in Ukraine, and the admission procedures to study in Ukraine, to fully become acquainted with the entire process. We believe that the client should have enough information available, to guide the prospective international student in reaching an informed decision.

We provide enough information on this web site for client’s guidance. If, however, the available information fails to completely address the client’s specific concerns, our support desk will definitely do that.

While we provide consultation services, assisting foreign students receive admission in Ukraine’s universities, however, we do not consider it as explicitly cheap, because education generally is not cheap even if it is completely tuition free.

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