study-abroad-guideThe privilege to study abroad could be one of the most challenging and fulfilling experiences in the life of an individual. Being hundreds of miles away from home, with little to no initial friends or relatives, the sudden feeling of being a “foreigner”, could be daunting sometimes. Mixed with aspirations, challenges and high expectations, a successful educational process abroad does a lot to boost an individual’s self confidence and belief in oneself. Life opportunities becomes limitless.

The feeling of accomplishment and triumph accompanying a successful study abroad program, is a great feeling that fosters successive achievements which money cannot buy.Thanks to a multi-cultural experience and close association with fellow students of different nationalities, the student returns home in a different state of personal and intellectual maturity, ready to face the life ahead with full confidence combined with skills.

The process of study abroad is divided into three stages namely:

pre-study stage: every process that leads to a successful study abroad program
Study stage: The process of studying abroad
Post-study stage: Life after graduation and returning home.

While each of the three stages is unique and vital, the pre-study stage, however, lays the foundation for the accomplishment of the other two stages. It could therefore, be considered a prelude and the most vital step towards a successful study abroad program. To accomplish this stage, the following should be considered:

Decision to study abroad and the course to study

The decision to study abroad is based on a number of factors. This decision is sometimes guided by the chosen course of study. Check the section on international students for some of the factors. Every other thing follows only after a concrete decision to study abroad, and the course to study has been established.

Where to study abroad
Based on the earlier decision, the student searches for the most appropriate educational institution and country to accomplish set goals. This is as vital as the decision to study abroad itself, as this determines the preparations to be made and the final end result of the entire study abroad process. It will be wise to consider social and political stability of the proposed country, before finally settling for a final choice.

Requirements to study abroad

The requirements depends on a number of factors such as the country, course of study, language of study, visa regime and the university requirements. Putting the above factors into consideration, the student will come up with a list of all the requirements for a successful study abroad program. A careful listing of all these requirements will be instrumental and guide the preparation stage to study abroad.

Preparations to study abroad

This becomes a logical and intelligent process, once the above three considerations have been fully absorbed and analyzed. Errors are minimized, and guesses eliminated. To get the best result, a proper time management and planning is required at this stage. It will be a wise decision for the student to prepare a check list of all the requirements in a time- line format, and tick them as they are accomplished

A careful assessment of the above considerations will go a long way towards delivering a successful pre-study stage. Each of the factors listed above, scores a point towards a successful study abroad program. Using Ukraine as a case study, most of these steps are outlined in the sections on admission procedures to study in ukraine and requirements to study in ukraine. Be sure to check on them for more guidelines. Read also, the article on study in Ukraine universities.

The study stage is the entire process of studying abroad. It combines aspirations, expectations and challenges. The challenges are there through out the entire study program, but highest in the early period of studies. You want to make sure you take the following factors into consideration:

• Undivided attention to academic activities
• Minimal distractions
• Be open to learning as much as possible
• Make sure your legal permits, passport and other documentations are in good shape
• Be law abiding and observe both university and local authority guidelines

The study stage is also marked with challenges. The major challenge is accomplishment, which will live through the entire study period. Other challenges are high during the early study stage but gradually reduce with time. They include:

• Social integration and minority issue
• Apprehension and fear
• Language learning – for study programs and locations using a foreign language

Do not be absorbed and overwhelmed by these challenges as they are natural. You will gradually over grow all of them, and they will cease to pose as challenges.

The post-study stage is the stage of accomplishment and triumph. The feelings, at this stage, is difficult to define precisely on prints, as the doors to unlimited opportunities in life is suddenly thrown open. Parents, family members, relatives and good friends are all joyful for the great accomplishment of a successful study abroad program.

Congratulatory messages continues flooding, and in between them, will be messages for future career development.

Our educational agency can assist you through all these steps. If you are having difficulties in any of these steps, reach out to us via the quick feedback button, and we will be glad to assist you. If you want to study abroad, in Ukraine, use the form below to apply today. Good Luck As You Take Control Of Your Future via study in Ukraine.

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