Knowledge and accurate calculation of study in Ukraine cost is instrumental for the success of an international student planning to study in Ukraine. As much as possible, speculations and guesses should be eliminated, as most times, they usually result in unpleasant outcomes.

With regards to study in Ukraine cost calculation, the notion of “one cap fits all” doesn’t really apply. Each student will most likely have a unique admission processing cost, and below is the reason.

While some components used for the calculation, like tuition, will be the same for all students of a particular university, for a particular course and year, some other components will vary due to different geographical locations of prospective students. For instance, the farther away an international student resides from Ukraine, the more likelihood of a higher travel cost to Ukraine. Similarly, an international student that requires a visa to enter Ukraine will incur some visa processing costs, unlike another international student who wouldn’t need a visa.

As you can see, these variations will result in different costs for each student, such that accurate calculation of each study in Ukraine cost, will most likely yield a unique amount for each prospective student.

The goal, therefore, is to show you how to calculate your study in Ukraine cost, as well as the tools to help you accomplish that. However, the accuracy of your calculation will entirely depend on you. While the knowledge and tools are provided here, you’ll have to input accurate information, to get an accurate calculation.

To accomplish the set goal, we will start with identifying and explaining the different components that are the unit blocks for calculating study in Ukraine cost. Then we’ll explain the two methods of securing Ukraine university admissions, and the pricing models accompanying each. Thereafter, we’ll use a study in Ukraine cost calculation flowchart to capture and show the overall process. Ultimately, a simple study in Ukraine cost calculation form will be used to do the math, using hypothetical figures to exemplify it. A currency converter is also included, for easy currency conversion for the calculation.

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Beneficiaries and importance of an accurate calculation of study in Ukraine cost:

  1. Prospective students : guides towards accurate budgeting and streamlined planning. Most importantly, it enable a prospective student make a cost-informed decision about studying in Ukraine
  2. Parents /educational sponsors: ensures that parents / sponsors know their financial obligations and when.

Components of Study in Ukraine Cost Calculation

  1. Admission Processing Cost (APC): cost of processing the admission and sending it to the student via regular mail, registered mail or courier service.
  2. Tuition Cost (TTC): payment made to the university, that entitles the student to receive lectures available for his / her program. It is usually paid annually, or per semester, and continues until student graduates.
  3. Accommodation Cost (AC): cost of accommodation, whether in the university hostel, privately operated hostel or rented apartment.
  4. University Registration / Residential Permit Cost (URC): cost for processing university registration as well as residential permit for the student.
  5. Medical Test & Check-up Cost (MTC): cost for performing medical tests / check up, upon arrival, as part of the university registration requirements.
  6. Insurance Cost (IC): cost of health insurance, and any other insurance that might be needed for university registration
  7. Arrival Cost (ARC): cost incurred upon arrival, for immigration protocols and transportation to the hostel, or to the city, if port of arrival is located in a different city from the university.
  8. Documentations Cost (DC): cost of documentation process, as requested by the Ukraine embassy, for visa processing. It includes translations, authentications, etc.
  9. Travel Cost (TC): cost of travelling to Ukraine from student’s own country or country of residence. It includes the cost of travel ticket, either by air, water, rail or land and should be a one year open and return ticket, as required by immigration laws. Other auxiliary transportation costs, such as from another city to the city of departure, are also included in this cost.
  10. Visa Processing Cost (VPC): cost of processing student’s travel visa. It includes visa fees, legalizations and any other fees as required by the Ukrainian Consulate.
  11. Company Service Cost (CSC): cost of services rendered by an intermediary company, for students that will employ such services. The amount will depend on the services rendered, as will be covered more in the section about methods of processing Ukraine admissions.

Haven understood the building blocks for study in Ukraine cost calculation, next is to understand the methods of processing Ukraine university admission. This is vital, because the method used directly affects the value of total cost (TC) obtained.

Methods of Processing Ukraine University Admission for International Students

The overall processing of Ukraine university admission falls into three steps:

  1. Securing admission and obtaining an invitation to study letter.
  2. Visa processing.
  3. Post-arrival registration processes.

While the student is expected to exclusively carry out the visa processing part, securing admission and post-arrival registration can be handled by either the student or a registered intermediary company. As a result, there are only two methods for securing admission and obtaining the invitation to study letter:

  1. Direct Method: this is also referred to as “self-processing”, whereby the student independently processes his / her admission direct from the corresponding university, and if successful, receives an invitation to study letter from the university. This method produces the lowest possible admission cost. While being cost-effective, when successful, implementations is not without challenges such as: difficulties in establishing correspondences with legitimate universities, as well as language barrier issues. In some cases, even after fulfilling the academic requirements, students might be required by the university to deposit the tuition fees, or a fraction of it, as a condition for securing admission.
  2. Via Intermediary Companies: in this method, the student hires the services of an intermediary company, to assist in processing the admission. Services rendered by these intermediary companies come with a cost, and therefore will result in a higher admission cost compared to self-processing. This method also has some challenges, such as lack of transparency and chances of falling victim to fraudulent people that mask as registered companies.
    Below are three billing models, that differentiate / categorize the intermediary companies.
    • Components Billing Model (CBM): the company lists the prices for the component units of services rendered, including the company’s service cost.Companies in this category normally handle securing admission, and post-arrival registration processes. Payment, therefore, is usually in two parts: first for securing admission, and subsequent payments, including tuition, are made upon student’s arrival to Ukraine.
    • Aggregate Billing Model (ABM): the company groups different admission components together, as a service. The student knows what to expect, but not the underlying details. Example of such services could be admission and post-arrival registration processes, documentation process, even visa processing service. Usually, these are pre-paid in full, or partly in substantial proportions.
    • Whole Billing Model (WBM): Here, the student is given a bill that is supposed to cover everything, from securing admission, visa processing, ticketing and just about every other applicable process. Usually, these are also pre-paid, either in full or a reasonable proportion.

Now that we’re familiar with the fundamentals, we’re prepared for the calculation. To help fine-tune our understanding and capture the entire admission process, we’ll use a flowchart, below, to depict it.

Study in Ukraine Cost Calculation Flowchart

study in ukraine cost flowchart

Important points to note from the flowchart:

  1. There are only two possible outcomes: successful, or unsuccessful.
  2. Either of the outcomes could be obtained, irrespective of the admission processing method used: self-processed or company assisted.
  3. Irrespective of the outcome, there is a corresponding cost.

Prospective students should always bear these three points in mind, once they decide to process Ukraine university admission.

Congratulations, you’re making progress. Now, we’re ready to perform the study in Ukraine cost calculation, and will be using a simple calculation form tool. To use it, simply fill-in the values, for the corresponding cost component. Click the calculate button to perform the operation. For a hint of what the acronyms stand for, hover your mouse on any of them.

Hypothetical Calculation for the Cost of Medical Study in Ukraine

This calculation is a demonstration of how to use the form tool below. Our subject is a hypothetical student, with a strong ambition to study medicine in Ukraine. Being on a tight budget, he decided to go the route of self-processing, hoping that everything works out fine. Turns out that, luck was on his side. He did everything on a shoestring budget, and successful. Below are his figures:

  1. Admission Processing Cost (APC): $100
  2. Tuition Cost (TTC): $3800.00
  3. Accommodation Cost (AC): $350.00
  4. University Registration / Residential permit cost (URC): $50.00
  5. Medical Test & check up cost (MTC): $70.00
  6. Insurance Cost (IC): $50.00
  7. Arrival Cost (ARC): $100.00
  8. Documentations Cost (DC): $300.00
  9. Travel Cost (TC): $1400.00
  10. Visa Processing Cost (VPC): $900.00
  11. Post-Arrival Payment aggregate (PAP): $0.00 (didn’t use company services)
  12. Company Service Cost (CSC): $0.00 (didn’t use company services)

The form below is already pre-populated with the figures above. Click the calculate button to perform the operation. The figures used for this hypothetical calculation are very conservative, and so is the result, just to give you an idea.
For your real calculation, replace the figures with the real information you’ll obtain from the university, if self-processing, or from your admission consultant, if using the services of an intermediary company / agent.

Study in Ukraine Cost Calculation Form

Follow the following instructions:

  • Use only digits and do not include currency symbols like $
  • Do not leave any of the fields blank. Fill in a zero (0) instead.
  • Use one consistent currency. A currency converter tool is down this page for easy conversion.
  • Click the calculate button to perform a calculation and the reset button for default values.
  • Visit Ukraine university fees and tuition for a list of some popular courses and tuition range.
  • The form is pre-populated with sample hypothetical figures. Substitute with your own numbers to calculate your unique cost.
  • Refresh your screen, if the form doesn’t seem to work.

Note: the result of this study in Ukraine cost calculation is hypothetical. Use your own figures for your calculation.

Currency Converter
Use the converter to ensure that all components of your study in Ukraine cost calculation are using one consistent currency, or simply to convert the result to your local currency.
Now, you have the knowledge and the tools to effectively perform a study in Ukraine cost calculation for your course of interest. Whether you’re interested in the cost of postgraduate study in Ukraine, study medicine in Ukraine cost, or probably how low / high the cost of your admission process could be, you should be able to do that with the information and tools on this page. For university listings, visit Ukraine universities or wikipedia listing of Ukraine universities.

Cost Codes
Short Description
APC The cost of processing admission
TTC University tuition amount
AC Cost of accommodation: hostel or rented apartment
URC Cost of university registration with residential permit.
MTC Cost of medical tests and examinations.
IC Cost of health & any other applicable insurance.
ARC Cost of arrival / immigration logistics and transportation to hostel.
DC Cost of translations, authentications & other documentations required for visa processing
TC All costs associated with travelling from student's location to Ukraine.
VPC All costs associated with visa processing, such as Embassy fees, legalization, etc.
PAP Total amount due for payment upon arrival, used in companies aggregate pricing model.
CSC Company charges for services rendered.
Total Cost

Hopefully, this has been of value to you, and will guide you in calculating your study in Ukraine cost, as you prepare for a higher education journey to Ukraine.