Study In Ukraine OverviewStudy in Ukraine universities started gaining international prominence in the mid nineties, just a few years after Ukraine became an independent sovereign nation. However, that was many years after Ukraine started offering university education for foreigners to study in Ukraine.

Before the break up of the Soviet Union, there existed an exchange program between the Soviet government and partner countries. As part of the exchange program agreement, Soviet Union provided university scholarships to nationals of participating nations. This led to the creation of additional study infrastructures, to accommodate the additional intake of foreign students, that were to be beneficiaries of this program.

Ukraine, being the second largest member of the Soviet republic, was an active participant of this program. Presently, many foreign students that were beneficiaries of the exchange program are established professionals in different areas of specialization. A good percentage of them studied in Ukraine.

After the break up of the Soviet Union, with some countries no longer maintaining the exchange program, it became apparent, the existence of study infrastructures in excess of local consumption. This resulted in the global campaign to source for students abroad, to fill the available learning spaces in Ukraine universities.

Gradually, study in Ukraine universities became an industry, attracting over two thousand international students annually.

In Google, there are more than ten million indexed materials on topics about study in Ukraine, and an average of two thousand monthly broad searches for the phrase “study in Ukraine“. The internet contributed immensely towards the

far-reaching awareness and exposure of study in Ukraine universities, as a profitable learning platform for foreign students. However, a comparative cost advantage over some other European countries with regards to foreign students, made study in Ukraine even more appealing to international students.

Higher education standards in Ukraine is strictly controlled by the Ukrainian ministry of education and sciences. It is the governing body that monitors university education, and issues necessary operational permits and guidelines to competent universities. This enables them to offer university education to international students wishing to study in Ukraine. There are over fifty such universities in Ukraine, research institutes, medical and technical learning centers, fully equipped and licensed to offer higher education for international students to study in Ukraine.

The quality of education in Ukraine repeatedly met criticism from the international community. To combat this, the Bologna educational system was introduced in 2005, which aimed at raising the educational system in Ukraine to international standard. Consequently, upon a successful study in Ukraine program, students were issued certificates with wider recognition and acceptance in the international community.

Lack of English language, as a study language challenged the full development of study in Ukraine universities, as an international educational platform for university education. Realizing this, many universities introduced English and other international languages, as a study language in those key courses most sought after by foreign students like medicine, computing / information technology, dentistry etc. Although it is a bit more expensive enrolling in courses offered in English as against the native Ukrainian or Russian language, this introduction saved the students the traditional language learning intensive program, which would have increased their study duration by one year.

Although not all the courses are available for study in English and other international languages, most universities are gradually increasing the number of courses available for study in English language, while embracing the technology of online education.

The next challenge for prospective students became finding the very universities offering English language and the courses offered. With our consultancy services, this has ceased to be a challenge, as we assist our students in this process for a seamless study in Ukraine program.

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