Ukraine Facts and Misconceptions.


Ukraine Facts And Misconceptions



Ukraine Facts:

Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe. It shares territorial borders with:

  • Belarus to the north,
  • Hungary, Slovakia and Poland to the west
  • Moldavia and Romania to the south west
  • Black and Azov seas to the south
  • Russia to the east.
  • As as 1st January 2016, Ukraine’s membership of the European Union has not been ratified, but it is actively in the process of becoming a full fledged European Union member country.
  • Ukraine became an independent sovereign nation on August 24, 1991
  • The capital of Ukraine is Kiev
  • There are a total of 24 regional states (oblast) in Ukraine, and Crimea which is an autonomous republic
  • Official language is Ukrainian language, although Russian language is also widely spoken in different regions.
  • The population of Ukraine, as at February 1st 2010 is 45.93 million people. (Wikipedia)
  • Ukraine’s total territorial area is 603,700 square kilometers
  • The predominant religion is orthodox christianity, but is open to freedom of religion.
  • Students can travel for vacation jobs during long summer vacation.

Misconceptions About Ukraine

  • Ukraine is yet to become a member state of the European Union: there are wide publications in some online media, claiming that Ukraine is a member of the European Union. As at January 2016, Ukraine is yet to be confirmed a full-fledged member of the European Union. Although processes towards achieving that is on-going, it is however, yet to be accomplished.
  • Job opportunities are not readily available for students. Foreign students wishing to study in Ukraine should not rely on part funding from anticipated students jobs. Ukraine is still a young and developing economy. Job opportunities are not readily available, although not impossible. However, for students, this should not be relied upon as a source of income.
  • Ukraine is not a racist country. It is a social stable country with warm hospitality to foreigners irrespective of their race and color. While it is impossible to completely rule out incessant criminal activities, which is typical of almost every country in the world, Ukraine’s internal security system protects both foreigners and its nationals alike. People of different color might attract some attention, but this is not be misunderstood as mockery, as there still exist some percentage of people yet to see colored people outside their home television. For this group, they might not be able to hide their excitement.
  • Ukraine is not at the risk of high radioactive exposure.