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Have you ever wondered why some people are more successful than others? What constituted the dividing line between successful people and unsuccessful ones? As a young boy, I know I did.

I couldn’t understand why people will grow up in the same environment, attain the same educational levels, have access to similar means of production, but end up having different levels of achievement?

Is it pre-determined, controlled by some unforeseen forces or probably by some factors which we can actually exercise some level of control to determine the end result?

In the course of my brainstorming, I came across a book in my late teenage years. I don’t even remember the title of this book or the author because I stumbled upon this book by accident in an evening, and couldn’t drop it all night long until I totally consumed the contents. Yes, it was that captivating and brief.

The information contained in the book outlined the guiding principles of success. I must admit that I didn’t really take the information very serious as I had this voice telling me it’s nothing new after-all. On a closer look, many years later, I realized that just about every successful man or woman I know of, is actually applying the principles outlined in the book. This got me wondering, did they also read the book?, and probably went beyond just reading, an information which I took for granted.

I was later to find out, that this guiding principle of success is actually a natural law and that every successful individual applied this law either consciously or unconsciously. The conscious utilization of this principle is where the good news lies, but that is only after discovering this natural law.

When, years later, I decided to consciously put it to test, I started experiencing marvelous positive results in my life.

Recently, by accident, I stumbled upon the video below which also addresses the same subject as the book. There is just no way I can keep this without sharing.

The video, titled strangest secret in the world and posted originally by Paulie Ciara, is a little over 30 minutes long, but be sure to listen to it to the end. If you have to do that over and over, go ahead and don’t be shy about that. It is worth every inch of the time spent.

So, please enjoy this masterpiece. It may take some time to buffer, be patient. If you find it useful, just leave us a comment below, and don’t forget to share this with your friends, loved ones and everyone you value in your life.

To your success…
Frank C. Ogu

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