Study In Ukraine Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ Study In Ukraine

Where is Ukraine Located?

Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe. It shares territorial borders with:

  • Belarus to the north,
  • Hungary, Slovakia and Poland to the west
  • Moldavia and Romania to the south west
  • Black and Azov seas to the south
  • Russia to the east.

Do Ukrainian Universities And Certificates Have International Recognition?

Ukrainian universities that are accredited and licensed to teach international students do have international recognition and accreditation, and so are their certificates. We only partner with and recommend such universities.

How Do I Apply For Ukraine University Admission?

You begin by filling the University Application Form.

What Happens After Submitting My Application?

You will be sent an email with link to undergo admission appraisal online. It is the third stage of the application process.

How Do I Know That My Application Is Successful?

We have a custom appraisal system built into our students portal. Once you complete the appraisal, you will know for sure whether you are eligible or not. An appraisal report is always sent to all successful candidates, together with subsequent admission steps. We will also be communicating with you via email.

Why Is The Appraisal Necessary?

The appraisal system helps you quickly establish your admission eligibility without any financial commitments or time wastage. It uses the current admission parameters along with simple but sophisticated algorithm to establish your eligibility for university admission in Ukraine.

What Happens If My Appraisal Is Successful?

You will receive the appraisal report. You will then be required to send scan copies of your international passport and academic documents for consolidating your online appraisal. If successful, you should then make payment for processing your university admission.

How Do I Make Payment For Processing Admission?

Once you are eligible and cleared for admission, then you can make payment can be made either via any of the following options below:

  1. Bank transfer to the company’s account;
  2. Online payment system via Visa / MasterCard;
  3. Western Union / Moneygram.

What Happens After Payment is Made?

Once your payment is successful, you will be prompted to create your account in our students’ portal. Within the portal, you will download university application form and admission contracts to fill and sign. As soon as we receive your filled and signed admission forms and contracts, processing your admission will commence immediately.

What Is The Admission Processing Duration?

Within 7 working days. Sometimes it is faster, and sometimes delayed, depending on the university work-load, but usually within 10 – 14 working days in extreme circumstances.

What Are All The Applicable Costs?

They are grouped into two, namely:

  1. Admission Processing Cost (APC)
  2. Post-arrival Payments (PaP)

“PaP” consists of tuition, hostel cost, and all applicable university registration, medicals tests, translations, health insurance, residential permit, service fees, etc. Payments for “PaP” are only made upon arrival. APC could be up to $300 or a bit more, depending on the delivery option. The exact amount for any academic year can be found at the courses and tuition page.

How Do I Calculate All The Applicable Costs?

We have a cost calculation tool available in each courses listing page. You can use it to see and calculate the applicable costs.

Can I Pay For Tuition Per Semester?

Most universities allow tuition payment per semester, but only after the first year.

If I Want To, Can I Process My Admission Myself?

Sure, international candidates can independently self-process their university admission in Ukraine. In fact, a detailed guidelines on how to successfully self-process Ukraine university admission is included in the “ASKit” documents.

What Are The Available Courses & Their Tuition?

An elaborate and updated courses listing with corresponding tuition for every admission year is published in the student’s portal. You can view the general course listing and tuition range on the Ukraine university fees & tuition page.

Are There Courses In English Language?

Yes, there are courses in English language, but not for all the courses. Majority of the courses are only available in either Ukrainian / Russian language.

What Is The Average Monthly Cost Of Living For A Student Studying In Ukraine?

This depends on the student’s spending habit. Generally, a budget of anywhere from $150 – $200 will be adequate for a student’s average monthly upkeep. However, students on special diet or special requirements might require a little more, depending on their specific requirement, while conservative students might be able to have some savings from this budget.

I Am An EU Citizen. Do I Need A Study Visa?

Please contact the Ukrainian consulate in your location for the most up-to-date information on this. Considering the possible changes of laws, they are the most competent authority to provide reliable answer on this.

What Are The Teaching Languages In Universities?

The teaching language could be any of the of the three languages below
Ukrainian language, being the official language, is the default teaching language, a role Russian language used to play in the past. However, Russia language is also still used for teaching in many institutions. The use of English as a teaching language is relatively recent, and was introduced mainly to accommodate foreign students that do not wish to study in the native Ukrainian or Russian language. Foreign students that wish to study in the native language will have to go through a one academic year of language learning course. Notwithstanding, not all courses are available for study in English language.

My Course Is Only Available In Ukr. / Rus. Language

To enroll for such a course, you will be required to undergo a language preparatory program before enrolling for the course. Otherwise, you may need to search elsewhere.

What Is The Everyday Language Of Communication In Ukraine?

The major communication languages in Ukraine are Ukrainian language and Russian language. Ukrainian language is the official language of Ukraine, but Russia language is widely spoken. The western part of Ukraine communicate mostly in Ukrainian language.

Can I Work As A Student In Ukraine?

Ukraine’s legislature has no provision for international students to work using their student’s residential permit. So, the answer is no.

Is TOEFL And Similar Language Tests Mandatory For Admission Purposes?

For students from native English speaking origin, this is not mandatory. However, students fluent knowledge of English language can only study in the local Ukrainian or Russian language, after undergoing a language preparatory program.

Where Are Students Accommodated During Studies And What Is The Cost?

Students live in hostels provided by the university. The cost varies from one university to another, and also depends on the number of inmates in the room. On the average, it could cost anywhere ranging from $400 – $1000 per annum, depending on the accommodation type and quality.

Are Students Allowed To Live Alone In A Hostel Room?

Students are allowed to live alone in the hostel room, but at an extra charge. The extra charge will be to offset the cost of the other supposed inmates for the room. Depending on the size of the room, the number of allowed inmates for a room could be either two, or three which is the maximum.

Are Students Allowed To Live Off-Campus During Studies?

It is advisable for students to live in the university hostel during studies, as it makes it easier for processing their residential registration documents and general security purposes. However, students can be allowed to live off university hostels, as long as they officially process their residential registration documents to reflect the correct address of the off-campus accommodation where they reside.

Is My Admission Accompanied With A Guaranteed Visa?

A good proportion of visa success depends on your ability to fully satisfy all the Embassy requirements to the conviction of the Consular. Since this solely depends on you, we cannot therefore guarantee that you will be issued a visa. We only offer guarantee for any university admission we process.

Who Is Behind This Website? An Individual Or A Corporation? is owned and operated by LLC OguCS, an educational consulting company, registered in Ukraine with state permit and license to recruit international students. It has been in operation since 2009.

Can Your Organization, Process My University Admission?

Sure, we can process your university admission if you satisfy the admission requirements for your specified course of interest. It is our job, and we will be glad to be of assistance. For the service(s) we render, we do charge a token for the job.

Do I Really Need To Use A Company For Processing Admission?

You don’t have to, if you are able to process the admission yourself. Our “ASKit” publication provides a lot of useful guide on how to do that all by yourself.

What Is / Are The Benefit(s) Of Using Your Company?

There are quite a lot. However the most important of them is we that take all the risk on your behalf. Our six months money-back warranty ensures you have nothing to lose if, owing to our own incompetence , we fail to live up to expectation. You won’t have to pay for that. Another important one is that you have a reliable shoulder to lean on during your academic life in Ukraine – that’s a lot. Once our student, we remain available to you throughout your study period.

Which Countries Can Your Company Process Admissions For?

Ukraine and Belarus.

Which Universities Do You Represent?

We are based in Kharkiv and recruit mostly for universities in Kharkiv and the surrounding regions. If you have specific university preference, we are able to recruit for any university in Ukraine. Discuss that with our Admission Manager.

How Do I Know The University That Offered Me Admission?

The university’s name is specified on the university admission / invitation letter, so you will always know the university. Once you become our student, the university selection process is a combined process between you and our Admission manager, with consideration to your preferences, requested course and your financial strength.

When Is The Best Time To Start Processing University Admission?

After September intake, it is already possible to start preparing for the March intake. Likewise, after March intake, it is also possible to start processing admission for September intake. Regardless of the intake, the bottom line is to start as early as possible.

Ukraine Facts & Misconceptions

Ukraine Facts:

Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe. It shares territorial borders with:

  • Belarus to the north,
  • Hungary, Slovakia and Poland to the west
  • Moldavia and Romania to the south west
  • Black and Azov seas to the south
  • Russia to the east.
  • As as 1st January 2019, Ukraine’s full membership of the European Union has not been ratified, but it is actively in the process of becoming a full fledged European Union member country.
  • Ukraine became an independent sovereign nation on August 24, 1991
  • The capital of Ukraine is Kiev
  • There are a total of 24 regional states (oblast) in Ukraine, and Crimea which is an autonomous republic
  • Official language is Ukrainian language, although Russian language is also widely spoken in different regions.
  • The population of Ukraine, as at February 1st 2010 is 45.93 million people. (Wikipedia)
  • Ukraine’s total territorial area is 603,700 square kilometers
  • The predominant religion is orthodox Christianity, but is open to freedom of religion.

Misconceptions About Ukraine

  • Ukraine is yet to become a full member state of the European Union. There are some publications in some online media, claiming that Ukraine is a member of the European Union. As at January 201p, that is not the case, although processes towards achieving that is on-going.
  • Job opportunities are not readily available for international students. Some online publications, in an attempt to recruit students, claim that there are available job opportunities. International students’ residential permit do not include working permit.
  • Ukraine is not a racist country. It is a social stable country with warm hospitality to foreigners irrespective of their race and color. While it is impossible to completely rule out incessant criminal activities, which is typical of almost every country in the world, Ukraine’s internal security system protects both foreigners and its nationals alike.People of color might attract some attention, but this should not be misunderstood as mockery, as there are still some people that are have not seen colored people outside their home television. For this group, they might not be able to hide their excitement, or surprise.