When planning to study abroad, one of the most important considerations is the cost. The burning desire to study overseas cannot be achieved by mere wishes, but also, the resources to actualize it, especially financial resources.

What you don’t want is to realize, halfway into the process, that you cannot afford the cost. This is frustrating, especially considering the wasted financial and time resources.

That is why it is vital to, first of all, be fully conversant with the likely cost, and then determine if it is a feasible ambition, worth embarking.

Yes, You Will Need Money To Study In Ukraine

This post about study in Ukraine cost is practical, with example calculations of the likely costs applicable to an international student planning to study in Ukraine.

For simplicity, all the costs are grouped into three categories, namely:

  1. Admission Cost
  2. Study Cost
  3. Living Cost

There is also Visa Processing Cost. Even though this will not be discussed in this post, it is worth knowing that such cost also exists, and should be factored in the overall budget calculation.


Admission Processing Cost

Admission Processing Cost: this the total cost for processing university admission / invitation letter, visa support letter and delivery of the processed invitation letter to the candidate. So, it is comprised of three distinct component costs:

  1. Invitation Processing Cost
  2. Visa Support Letter Cost
  3. Delivery Cost

The exact cost of the components are provided by the university, or your admission consultant. Below is an example of a real admission processing calculation.

Example Calculation

For this example, we will use average cost values. You can get current values from our courses & tuition page.

Use the calculator tool below to see a sample calculation with pre-populated average values. Replace with your own figures to perform your own calculation. There is an included currency converter for local currency conversion.


University Registration / Enrollment & Study Cost

This is the total amount, paid by the candidate after arrival, for completing the full university registration, residential permit, in order to grant the candidate the right to live and study in Ukraine, and in a particular university.

It comprises of the following payments:

  1. Tuition Fee.
  2. Hostel Fee
  1. Immigration Insurance.
  2. Medical Insurance
  1. Medical Tests.
  2. Residential Permit

The exact amount for these fees will vary from school to school. You will have to find out these amounts from the university you are applying to, or from your admission consultant.

If employing the services of an intermediary company, you will also have to factor in the fees for their services.

Also worth mentioning are the expenses that will be incurred upon arrival, for airport logistics and traveling cost to the university.  Provision for miscellaneous expenses will be a smart decision. It won’t hurt.

Those are the typical costs that will constitute the overall post-arrival university registration / enrollment cost.

Some of these fees are annual payment, such as tuition, accommodation, residential permit, e.t.c., while payments for company services are singular payments.

Let’s see example calculations for different use cases.

Example Calculations

The examples will be for hypothetical international candidates for Preparatory Program, General Medicine in English language, & MBA program.

Entries are already pre-filled, but you can override them with your own figures. Click any of the examples below.

Cost Of Studying MBBS

Cost Of Studying MBA


Cost Of Living In Ukraine For A Student

Compared to the standards of living in most of Europe, Ukraine could be said to be pretty cheap.

The first couple of months after arrival of the student in Ukraine could be quite finance-heavy due to shopping for immediate necessities.

Subsequently, most students will get by on a $150 monthly budget, and majority will be just fine with $200 monthly budget, of course not including accommodation.

Except for someone with special needs, specific diet requirements or special attention, a $200 monthly budget will be just enough for an average student.


Rents & Utility Bills

Students living in the university hostel don’t pay utility bills, as it is already integrated into their hostel cost.

Those living in rented flats will have that responsibility, but it is their personal choice as the university typically provides hostel accommodation.

Normal one bedroom apartment will cost around $250 – $300 per month, of course not in the center of Kiev.

The rate for electricity is UAH 0.9 per kw/h  for up to 100 kw and UAH 1.68 per kw/h for consumption above 100 kw.

Other utility bills for hot and cold water, heating supply, etc for a one bedroom apartment will fall within the range of UAH 1500 – UAH 2000, especially during the winter months when there will be higher consumption of heating energy.

Communication & Internet

Depending on the city, $30 – $40 will be enough for monthly cable television and internet access. Mobile telephone cost around $20 per month for minimum package, which will be more than enough for most students.

Use the currency converter below for conversion to your local currency.

Currency Converter

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