Preparatory Course In Ukraine For International Students – Everything You Need To Know.

Preparatory course in Ukraine for international students, which is sometimes referred to as language preparatory course or foundation course, is  an academic period that precedes enrollment into the university main program.

During the preparatory program, an international student undergoes intensive learning process primarily geared towards mastering the local language as well as the fundamental subjects related to the intended course of study.

In all universities in Ukraine, the preparatory program is usually managed by a dedicated faculty, the preparatory faculty. They have trained and experienced staff fully dedicated towards the success of the preparatory program, with a methodological teaching approach for maximum positive result.

Upon completion of the program, students undergo assessment examination.

Successful students are awarded certificate of completion with marks, which enables the student to subsequently enroll and study in any university in Ukraine offering the student’s course of interest, in the available local language.

Variations of Preparatory Courses

There are basically two main variations of preparatory courses for international students in Ukraine:

1: Preparatory Program For University Enrollment.

This is the preparatory course program that is primarily meant to prepare an international student for subsequent enrollment into the university main program.

It is an extensive curriculum that integrates language preparation as well as preparation for other subjects needed for subsequent enrollment into the main program.

2: Preparatory Program For Specific Purposes

This kind of preparatory program is usually an intensive program that is focused mainly on the language aspect, or any other specific purpose needed by the candidate.

The candidates are usually international professionals, business investors, or postgraduate candidates that are mostly interested in the language aspect of the preparatory program for a specific purpose or intent, such as business investment in Ukraine.

Duration Of The Preparatory Program:

Typically, preparatory course in Ukraine for international students would last for a period not exceeding ten (10) months, which is a full academic year.

However, it is sometimes compressed into fewer months for intensive programs, when students arrive late. Typically, it is not less than five (5) months.

For candidates, such as investors, tourists, businessmen, who are only interested in the language aspect of the preparatory program, the duration is usually not more than six (6) months, and can even be compressed further into four (4) or three (3) months intensive program.

For this category of candidates, this duration is enough for learning the required fundamentals for their specific purpose.

Obviously with a full semester, the student is in a better position to learn at a relaxed rate and also more likely to cover all aspects of the curriculum. This is especially important for international students planning to enroll and study further.

Notwithstanding, there are systems in place for accelerated learning process, when this becomes inevitable, as long as the student has the willingness to learn.

Admission / Enrollment Period For Preparatory Course In Ukraine. 

Until 2015, the admission period for the preparatory program  was the same as the general university admission and enrollment calendar for international students. By this calendar, admissions would typically start from March / April, and end around November. Arrival and enrollment of international students start from August till November, and sometimes extended till December.

From 2015, new regulations made it possible to offer university admission for the preparatory program “all year round”.  In practice, university enrollment beyond March leaves very small window for academic programs, and most universities will not accept new enrollments beyond March.

In that case, it is therefore important that the university admission is processed, at least, one month before march to enable the student complete visa processing activities and arrive within the March enrollment window. Therefore, it is not advisable to process university admission for the preparatory course in Ukraine later than February 1st.

Downside Of The Preparatory Program

To be candid, there isn’t really much of a downside, except the one year time duration and the financial cost of the preparatory program.

Cost Of Preparatory Course In Ukraine For International Students. 

Usually, for most universities, the cost of the preparatory program ranges between $1200.00 to $1700.00.

In some universities, however, the tuition for preparatory programs can sometimes be as low as $1000.00. Similarly, for some other few universities, the tuition could sometimes be as high as $2000.00.

Click below for the available preparatory program tuition fees.

Preparatory Program Tuition Fees

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Teaching Languages For Preparatory Course In Ukraine. 

  • Ukrainian Language
  • Russian Language

As mentioned earlier, one of the fundamental objectives of the preparatory program is language training for subsequent university enrollment or for other specific purposes. Russian language used to be the major learning language, and was therefore widely taught in most preparatory faculties. However, a transition is going on, in which increasingly more courses are being taught in Ukrainian language.

In the Western part of Ukraine, where Ukraine language is predominantly spoken, the preparatory course teaching language and language of learning is Ukrainian language. In the Eastern part where Russian language is widely spoken, the preparatory program is usually in Russian language and sometimes combined with Ukrainian language.

Going by the current transitions happening in Ukraine, it is only a matter of time, when the preparatory course will be only in Ukrainian language country-wide.

Who Is The Preparatory Course For? 

Preparatory Course In Ukraine For International Students

Is The Preparatory Course Right For You?

The preparatory course is for foreign nationals who may be prospective university candidates, businessmen, professional of some sort who intends to either study or engage in any other professional activity in Ukraine and would require the knowledge of the local Ukrainian or Russian language to enable them achieve their set objective.

To this end, below are the set of candidates that most likely require the preparatory course.

  • International students whose course of interest is only available for study in either Ukrainian or Russian language, but lack the requisite knowledge of the teaching language.
  • Businessmen, international journalists,  project managers and other professionals that require the knowledge of the local Ukrainian or Russian language to accomplish their objective in Ukraine.
  • Academic researchers, interns and postgraduate students that also require familiarization with the key terminologies in the local language to enable them successfully carry out their project work(s).
  • Medical students who might end up studying in English language, but will benefit from a good knowledge of the local Ukrainian or Russian language to enable them better communicate with patients during their practical clinical classes.

Is It Mandatory To Undergo The Preparatory Course In Ukraine As An International Student?

There is no one answer to this. In certain circumstances, it is mandatory to undergo the preparatory course for international students in Ukraine, while in some other scenario, it ceases to become inevitable.

When an international student is to enroll in a course that is only taught in the local Ukrainian or Russian language, then it becomes mandatory to first undergo the language preparatory course in order to gain the language proficiency required for enrolling into the program. Same thing applies to postgraduate candidates and also individuals that knowledge of the local language is inevitable to function properly in Ukraine.

On the other hand, candidates that plan to study in a course that is taught in a language that is familiar or native to the candidate would not require to undergo the preparatory course. For such candidates, undergoing the preparatory course is not mandatory. An example would be candidates from native English speaking countries that intend to enroll for a course in Ukraine that is taught in English language.

So, in essence, it could be mandatory or not, depending on the circumstance.

Benefits Of The Preparatory Course In Ukraine For International Students. 

In as much as this isn’t discussed much, the truth is that undergoing the preparatory course offers a lot of benefits, for any international student planning to study in Ukraine, or anywhere else where the candidate’s native language isn’t spoken. Below are just some of them.

  • University Admission Flexibility: undergoing the preparatory course successfully enables the international student the flexibility of choice. Such a student is in a position to choose from an array of courses that are only available in the local language, as well as the choice of subsequently enrolling into any university in Ukraine where the chosen course is taught.
  • Better Social Integration & Adaptation: knowledge of the local language enables the student to better integrate and adapt into the society due to the ability to better communicate with the locals. Also, within the period of the preparatory course, academic load is much less than regular university program, enabling the students more free time to explore their surroundings and adapt better in the society.
  • More Economical: courses taught in the local Ukrainian or Russian language usually cost lower than the same course taught in English language. Consequently, undergoing the preparatory course gives enables the student the flexibility to take advantage and enroll into such courses, and save considerable of money within their entire study period.
  • Additional Certificate Upon Graduation: international students that successfully undergo the preparatory course, and complete their university education in Ukraine in the local language also receive an additional certificate of proficiency in the language of study.
  • Seasoned Lecturers: believe it or not, most of the seasoned lecturers, professors and academic researchers with many years of experience under their belt are only able to teach in the local language. Don’t forget that the primary purpose of the universities is education of their nationals with foreign students constituting a small fraction of the overall students population. When studying in the local language, international students are exposed to wider learning opportunity from some of the seasoned lecturers that can only teach in the local language.
  • Visa Processing Ease: considering that admission and enrollment for the preparatory program continues even after the admissions to the main program has ended, candidates are able to apply and process their study visa when the visa-processing rush at the Ukrainian Embassies have substantially subsided.


Enrolling for the preparatory program starts with filling the University Application Form, and thereafter follow subsequent admission instructions. However, it is advisable to first familiarize with the tuition and other applicable fees.  Click the button below for the preparatory program tuition and other applicable fees.