Requirements To Study in Ukraine

Requirements To Study In Ukraine

Requirements To Study In Ukraine Fall Into Four Main Categories, Namely:

  1. Admission Requirements
  2. Visa & Travel Requirements
  3. University Registration & Enrollment Requirements
  4. Cost Requirements

1 – Admission Requirements To Study in Ukraine:

This refers to the academic and administrative requirements for an international candidate to be eligible for university admission in Ukraine.

  • Filled University Application Form
  • Copy Of The International Passport Showing The Candidate’s Bio-data: Name, Age, Nationality, etc.
  • Copy Of Secondary / High School Completion Certificate, Showing Subjects & Marks Obtained
  • 5 Credit Passes In Subjects Relevant To The Course Of Interest
  • Payment For Processing University Admission / Invitation Letter
  • Payment For Processing Visa Support Letter

*Candidates that will be studying in the local Ukrainian or Russian language are also expected to have completed a language preparatory program.

Some universities may have additional in-house requirements, but above are the general requirements for most universities

Supplementary Requirements For Postgraduate Candidates

  • Copy of the Bachelor’s / Master’s Certificate
  • University Transcripts
  • Nostrification Process*

*Nostrification Process is essentially an independent process of verifying the authenticity of the certificates and result transcripts presented for admission purpose.

Sometimes, the nostrification process is carried out after the candidate’s arrival in Ukraine, while some universities insist on undergoing the process before granting admission to the candidate.

2 – Visa Requirements:

Some countries do not require entry visa to Ukraine, while others do. You can check the current entry-visa requirement  HERE.

Candidates from countries that will require entry visa to Ukraine will have to process a type D visa via the Ukrainian consulate in their country, or country of residence.

For candidates living in a country without a resident Ukrainian consulate, they will have to process the visa in the nearest Ukrainian consulate that is responsible for consular services for the candidate’s home country or country of residence.

The most current visa processing requirements should always be obtained from the responsible Ukrainian Consulates. These requirements do vary from country to country, so the list below should be considered to be representational, and not exclusive.

2 a – Visa Processing Requirements To Study In Ukraine:

  • Valid International Passport
  • Original Admission / Invitation Letter From The University
  • Visa Confirmation Letter To The Ukrainian Consulate In The Candidate’s Country or Country Of Residence
  • Original Academic Results & Certificates Authenticated By The Appropriate Ministry In The Candidate’s Country
  • Ukrainian Translation & Legalized Copies Of The Authenticated Academic Results & Certificates
  • Health Insurance Certificate That Is Valid In Ukraine Up To The Day Of Student’s Arrival
  • Medical Fitness Report
  • Ukrainian Translation & Legalized Copy Of The Medical Fitness Report
  • HIV-Free Certificate
  • Ukrainian Translation & Legalized Copy Of The HIV-Free Certificate
  • Sponsorship Letter
  • Evidence Of Academic Funding In The Form Of Bank Statement
  • Any Other In-house Requirements As Specified By The Ukrainian Consulate In The Candidate’s Country or Country Of Residence

Once every thing is in place, the candidate will undergo visa interview which will determine the candidate’s visa merit. The duration for the issued visa is usually not long, around 30 – 45 days, so candidates should be conscious of that.

2 b – Travel Requirements:

  • A Valid International Passport
  • Entry Visa
  • Original University Invitation Letter
  • Return Ticket With One Year Open Date
  • Travel / Health Insurance Valid In Ukraine, & On The Day Of Arrival
  • Evidence Of Funds

3 – University Registration & Enrollment Requirements:

  • Valid International Passport.
  • Ukrainian Translation Of The International Passport & Notarized
  • Type D Visa With Validity Period Not Less Than 15 Days On The Day Of University Registration.
  • Original University Invitation Letter.
  • Original and Translated / Legalized Copy of Secondary / High School Certificate & Result With Grades.
  • Original and Translated / Legalized Copy of Birth Certificate.
  • Original and Translated / Legalized Copy Of Medical Test Result indicating Medical Fitness to Study in Ukraine, and Absence of HIV.
  • Immigration Card, Obtained at The Airport During Arrival.
  • One Year Open Return Ticket.
  • Full Payment Of Tuition, Accommodation Cost and Other Applicable University Registration Payments.
  • 6 – 8 Passport-Sized Photos (60 x 40 mm).

4 – Cost Requirements

Although this is listed last, it is actually the backbone to all the other requirements. As a matter of fact, it could be considered as the most important.

We already have a more detailed publication about this in a dedicated post. Proper cost analysis is the very first consideration before even deciding to embark on a university education in Ukraine, or any other international destination.

Read our post about study and living cost in Ukraine for the costs breakdown and their calculations.

Those Are The General Requirements To Study In Ukraine, Expected Of A Prospective International Candidate. To Get Started, Click Below For Available Courses & Their Tuition.

Requirements To Study In Ukraine