How Can I Get Admission To Study In Ukraine

How Can I Get Admission To Study In Ukraine?

This is one question we receive frequently, either verbatim as: “how can I get admission to study in Ukraine”?; or sometimes rephrased as: “how do I study in Ukraine”?

Tired of answering it individually, so we decided to answer it for all, via this post.

The simple answer will be to apply for university admission in Ukraine, and if successful, then come over to Ukraine and study.

However, we also know that it entails much more than that simple answer, which is why this post will attempt to explain the process in more granular details.

To get admission to study in Ukraine, you can apply to university in any of the two options.

1: Directly From The University;

2: Through Consulting / Intermediary Companies.

Both options are allowed by regulations. However, direct application is a cheaper option as intermediary companies, like us, charge some fees for the admission services, although it is accompanied by additional benefits not provided via a direct application.

Let’s examine both options, and will assume that you already have a course of study in mind.


1: Direct Application To The University.

This is the cheaper option, and the process is as follows:

  1. Find a university in Ukraine that offers your choice course;
  2. Check their website or contact them to find out their admission requirements, which will mostly depend on your course of interest;
  3. Verify that you can satisfy the university’s admission requirements, both academic and financial;
  4. Fill the university’s application form, and submit it along with all the admission requirements;
  5.  Wait for their feedback, and respond to any of their additional inquiries;
  6. Make the necessary payment for university admission / invitation letter. The amount may vary for different universities. This typically comprises of the payments for university invitation letter, visa support letter, and delivery of the processed university invitation;
  7. Upon successful completion, you will be issued a university admission / invitation letter and sent to your location.

Armed with the university invitation letter, you now proceed to the next stage of the process, which is visa processing.

You may be wondering about how to accomplish step 1, which is to find a university in Ukraine that offers your choice course.

You can visit our Ukraine universities page, which contains a list of the top universities in Ukraine or check the listing on Wikipedia for the universities list. You can also use other online resources.

Congratulations, that’s how you get admission to study in Ukraine direct from the university.


2: Through A Consulting / Intermediary Company.

This option has a higher cost, due to company service charges. The process is as follows, and we’ll be using our processes as reference. Processes do vary slightly for different companies, but they’re all similar.

  1. Visit our courses & tuition page;
  2. Check for your preferred course, along with the course’s fees, admission requirements and all other applicable payments as reflected on the page.
  3. Once you’re happy with your choice and able to satisfy the requirements, proceed to fill the online application form, via the link provided on the same page;
  4. You will receive an email to undergo a quick online appraisal, which helps you double-down on your choice as well as verify your admission eligibility in accordance with the current admission parameters.
  5. Once successful, simply follow the instructions sent to your inbox, and send us your academic documents for final verification.
  6. Upon successful verification and approved for admission, make payment for processing the university admission letter, visa support letter and delivery to your location.
  7. At this stage, a personal consultant will work with you to choose an optimal university that corresponds with your chosen course and budget.
  8. Once satisfied with the university choice, your university admission will be processed. A scanned copy will be sent to you to verify the accuracy of your personal information. Upon your confirmation, the original document will be dispatched to your location.

Congratulations, that’s how you get admission to study in Ukraine using the services of a professional consulting company like us.

Observe that, regardless of the option used, the end result is the same.

The difference is that using company services will cost you a bit more but offers streamlined guidance, faster and typically less stressful on you.

Direct option, on the other hand, will require you to do the grunt work, takes more time, and in some cases may still end up unsuccessful. Notwithstanding, you may even be unknowingly be hooked to an agent as some of the universities’ websites are run by covert agents behind the scene.

So, there you have it. Regardless of whether you want to get admission to study medicine in Ukraine, preparatory program, engineering, social sciences or a postgraduate program, those are the options and processes to get admission to study in Ukraine.

Generally, the overall processes are the same, except that the requirements will be different for medicine, engineering, postgraduate or preparatory program.

With the two options and steps are clarified, you can proceed by clicking below to visit the Ukraine universities page, or to check out the available list of courses and their admission requirements.

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