Admission Procedures To Study In Ukraine For International Students

admission procedures to study in ukraine

Admission procedures to study in Ukraine are divided into 5 steps, namely:

Step 1: Course Selection

Most candidates usually already have a choice course or career preference in mind, while some struggle with reaching a definite decision.

Understandably, this is not a decision that is taken hurriedly without thorough considerations, especially knowing its potential far-reaching consequences.

Candidates struggling with making a career decision may request inputs from parents, close relatives, or even consult a career counselor to ensure they make the best career choice from the onset.

Once the choice course is established, next is to find available Ukraine universities offering the course, their admission requirements, tuition cost and other applicable fees.

The courses & tuition page contains a list of available courses, admission requirements and all applicable fees.

Courses & Tuition

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Step 2: University Admission

After course selection, the next step is to process university admission. Successful university admission in Ukraine is communicated by issuing an invitation letter, which also doubles as the university admission letter.

Processing university admission requires the candidate to first find and reach out to the universities that offer the course. This Wikipedia page contains a list of all major universities in Ukraine.

Depending on the candidate’s course of interest, the main goal is to contact the most suitable university in Ukraine that is offering the selected course, and apply for university admission.

We closely work with each of our candidates in choosing the most suitable university offering the choice course, within the candidate’s budget, and also process the university admission for the candidate.

This process begins by filling the university application form.

University Application Form

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Step 3: Visa Processing

After successfully processing the university admission / invitation letter, the next step is visa processing.

Apart from the regular visa requirements, one vital eligibility requirement for visa processing is the “visa support letter” which is sent directly to the Ukrainian Embassy of the candidate’s country or country of visa application.

Visa application submission can only begin after the Embassy has received this visa support letter, which primarily serves as an authentication instrument. For our candidates, we ensure this letter gets to the consulate in earnest.

Armed with the admission / invitation letter and the visa support letter, the candidate then applies for a “Type D visa”, at the Ukrainian consulate of the candidate’s home country, or country of residence.

Step 4: Travel / Arrival

After visa processing, the candidate prepares for traveling to Ukraine.

Before departure, candidates should check the weather forecast for the arrival date, and dress accordingly, especially for winter months. Use the widget below to search for cheap flights to Ukraine.

It is very important to notify the university or the admission consultant of the scheduled travel itinerary, at least one week before the date, to prepare the necessary arrival documents for airport reception.

A special arrival notification letter will be sent to the airport immigration unit, informing them of the candidate’s arrival, as well as the information of the person who will be receiving the candidate.

Upon arrival and completing the immigration protocol, the candidate will be met by either the university representative or the admission agent, for onward journey to the university.

Absence of a rep could leave the candidate stranded or even returned. The candidate must therefore inform the rep of the arrival date early enough, and ensure that he / she will be at the airport on the arrival day.

Step 5: University Registration

University registration is the final step before the candidate becomes a bonafide student. The registration process can last up to a week or more depending on numerous factors.

This is the stage where the services of the admission agent is needed the most. In fact, steps 4 & 5 could be considered as the two main reasons for needing an admission agent / consultant.

University registration process could be tedious, and involves other multiple activities such as medical test, translations / notarization, securing accommodation & processing residential permit, all within the visa expiration deadline.

Once completed, the student can then exhale, and start getting ready for the maiden lecture. From that moment, all that’s left is for the student to start adapting to the new environment, and focus on the studies.

Now that you are conversant with the admission procedures to study in Ukraine, it’s time to also check the requirements for university admission in Ukraine.

Requirements To Study In Ukraine

Admission, Visa & Cost Requirements To Study In Ukraine