Getting Started Guide To Studying In Ukraine

International students getting started to study in Ukraine usually have a lot of questions, with answers that are usually scattered around.

This article addresses the fundamental beginner questions most intending foreign students will likely have, all in one place. Where necessary, external resources are referenced for better clarity.

Admission Periods

There are two intakes and admission windows, November & March or every year.

First Intake

  • University Admission Period: Not later than October 15th;
  • University Enrollment Period: Mid August – November 1st.

Second Intake

  • University Admission Period: Not later than February 15th;
  • University Enrollment Period: January 1st – March 1st

Admission & Other Requirements

For most Bachelor’s program, academic requirements are usually a minimum of 5 credit passes in subjects relevant to the intended course of study. Scanned copy of the international passports will also be required.

There are also other requirements such as visa requirements and university enrollment requirements. There is a dedicated page that explains all of these in details. Click the button below to access it.

Cost Of University Education In Ukraine

Cost and accurate budgeting is one vital area every intending student to Ukraine must properly consider.

Expectations must be realistic, as it is officially a violation for an international student to work in Ukraine while studying. That means that candidates must fully rely on their own resources to finance their education in Ukraine.

Compared to the rest of Europe, America, Canada & Australia, Ukraine is a lot less expensive to study. However, there is still a cost involved.

Typically, you’ll be looking at anywhere between $2000 – $5000, depending on the course, the language of learning, the university and the degree program of study.

We have prepared a detailed article that will help make your own tailored calculation, including the cost of living. It also contains a calculator as well as a currency converter to localize the cost to your home currency.

Click the button below for the publication.

How Does The Admission Process Work? 

How Does Ukraine University Admission Process Work?University admission process in Ukraine is fairly straightforward.

There is no need for IELTS or TOELF language tests prior to applying for university admission.

International candidates can apply for university admission via any of the two government-approved options. below.

Admission Processing Options

Processing university admission in Ukraine could be by any of the following two options.

  1. Direct From The University;
  2. Through Consulting Companies, Like Ours.

As a candidate, all that’s required to apply directly to the university is to contact the university offering the course of interest to check their academic and financial requirements for admission.

You can see the earlier section for the general admission requirements, but it is still preferable to find out the requirements for the specific university.

This can be done from the university’s website. See the list of Ukraine Universities, or visit this Wikipedia’s page for more Ukraine universities’ list.

Once you’re able to satisfy both the academic and financial requirements, you go ahead and apply for university admission by undergoing the university’s admission process.

It is important to make sure that you can satisfy both the academic and financial requirements.

Applying to the universities is, sometimes, challenging to most candidates, which is why we have simplified the process using our 3-step admission services, as shown below.

Our University Admission Process 

Our admission process follows 3 simple steps, as shown below, all of which can be completed within hours instead of days or weeks.

1 - Course Selection

Candidate Selects Course Of Interest From List

2 - Application Process

Candidate Fills & Submits The Online Application Form.

3 - Appraisal Process

Candidate Undergoes Quick Appraisal Process Online

Step 1 – Course Selection

Select your course of interest from the available list of courses.

If you already have a course in mind, then check if the course is listed in the available list of courses.

The course-selection page also contains other valuable information such as admission requirements for the course, the tuition and other applicable payments.

Check and verify that you’re comfortable with both the academic and financial requirements, and click the apply now button to continue.

If you cannot find your preferred course, please contact us as some of the courses may not be listed yet.

Step 2 – Application Process

This admission process is self-explanatory, which is basically completing and submitting the online admission form.

It is important to fill the admission form accurately, to avoid a potential error of misrepresentation.

The information you submit through the application form constitutes your admission records with us, so please make sure it is correct.

Upon successful completion, you will be sent a confirmation email, with additional admission guidelines.

Follow the guidelines contained in the email to continue the admission process.

Step 3 – Appraisal Process

The appraisal step is unique to our company and was developed in-house, based on our years of experience.

This is an online process designed to quickly establish your admission eligibility using current admission requirements.

It’s a quick online process, that uses a simple but sophisticated algorithm that interactively walks you through the process.

Once completed, you will know your admission eligibility status and can go ahead with the admission process with confidence.

Similarly, you’ll save yourself a lot of valuable time and avoid wasted effort, if you end up with a negative admission eligibility status.

Why Is The Appraisal Necessary?

We developed this process out of necessity. Typically, most companies’ admission process will comprise of filling the application form and submitting your academic documents. Thereafter you’ll be told to make payment for processing the university invitation letter.

What you may not know is that your documents may not have been checked for eligibility.

The reason is that most companies receive a lot of admission applications daily, and do not have the operational-capacity to process all of them, considering that many of the applications don’t end up as clients.

As a filtering mechanism, they simply ask the candidates to make a payment, without necessarily going through their documents.

Sometimes, after making payment, it becomes obvious that the candidate isn’t eligible. The refund process may not be as easy, if at all possible, as some companies have a no-refund policy.

This is why we developed the appraisal system and it effectively performs the following 3 major functions:

  1. Quickly checks the candidate’s admission eligibility status based on current admission criteria. This saves both us and the candidate a lot of valuable time;
  2. Eliminates making admission processing payments for non-eligible candidates;
  3. Upon successful completion, it also acts as a temporary contract to hold each party accountable, since the candidate also receives a full copy of the appraisal report.

After completing the Appraisal successfully, the candidate then sends us scanned copies of his / her academic documents & international passport, makes the necessary admission processing payment for processing the university admission.

Important Early Decision (Direct vs Assisted Admission-Processing).

One of the decisions you’ll need to make quite early in the admission process is to decide how you intend to process your Ukraine university admission.

Your decision will consequently determine how and where you spend most of our time and resources.

Processing your admission directly from the university will cost you much less than using company services. However, it may have its own side-effects that may end up becoming costlier.

Unfortunately, most Ukrainian universities lack the necessary capacity to properly manage the admission, registration and enrollment processes for international students.

Things can and do go wrong when dealing with most universities directly, and nobody takes responsibility.

Things as simple as email response could take ages, names could be spelt wrongly in the invitation letter, they may not be able to find someone for airport reception, university enrollment and registration could linger until it visa expiration.

The list is endless, and some candidates learn this the hard way.

Ukraine is not an English-speaking country, so making simple inquiries could be problematic. Imagine arriving at the airport at night, and there’s nobody to receive you.

Meanwhile, your university is about 700 km away or more, and due to your communication handicap, making simple inquiries is a huge challenge. Believe it or not, this happens regularly, and many things start going wrong from that point.

Many international students are completely unaware that there is a time-limit within which a new student is expected to begin processing a residential permit, which can only start after the university registration & enrollment.

These and more are some of the factors you’ll need to properly consider when deciding on your admission processing preference: supposedly cheap vs our professional service.

Our Roles In Your University Admission, Registration & Enrollment Success.

Using our services, we guide you from selecting the most appropriate university for your course to sitting for your first lecture as a student, and throughout your academic period in Ukraine.

This entails diligently ensuring that every aspect of the admission, registration and enrollment process is done at the right time, within the stipulated time limits. This includes:

  • Guidance To Choose The Most Suitable University For Your Course & Budget;
  • Timely Processing Of The University Admission / Invitation Letter;
  • Getting The Visa Support Letter;
  • Guidance For Visa Processing;
  • Prepare The Necessary Arrival Documents & Immigration Logistics;
  • Airport Reception & Transfer To The University Location;
  • Provision Of Temporary Accommodation Pending University Accommodation;
  • Guidance To Undergo All Medical Tests, Translations, Notaries & Applicable Insurances;
  • Guidance To Sign University Contract;
  • Timely Completion Of The Rigorous University Registration & Enrollment Process;
  • Timely Processing Of The Residential Permit Within The Allowed Time Limit;
  • Guidance To Secure University Accommodation;
  • Opening Of Bank Accounts, Library Cards & Hostel Cards;
  • Guidance With Adaptation, City Exploration & Initial Shopping;
  • On-going Guidance & Assistance Whenever The Need Arises, During The Study Period.

There are many more miscellaneous activities not captured in the above list, all of which contribute their little quota towards the success of the admission, registration & enrollment process.

Also, we strongly advocate that candidates only engage companies that have a physical presence in the candidate’s study city.

As a matter of fact, using an agency without a physical presence in the student’s residential city completely defeats the purpose and is not recommended.

Consequently, we have what we term as re-routing whereby we basically transfer our students whose universities are located outside our location, to another reliable company in their eventual residential city.

That way, the student never lacks the necessary attention.

As you can see, there are lots of benefits for using our services, which offsets whatever amount you could potentially save by direct university processing. We only listed a fraction of the benefits.

See the comparison table after the video for better understanding of how our services stack up against the alternatives.

One Of Our Student’s Testimonial Video 

We typically do not publish testimonial videos, but this particular candidate came all the way from the USA to study medicine in Ukraine. So, the video is our response to inquiries on whether Americans also study in Ukraine.

Service Comparison Table

Admission & Enrollment

Full Cost

Commercial Intent

Email Correspondences

University Selection


Admission Processing

Airport Reception

University Enrollment Process

Securing Accommodation

General Orientation

General Assistance


Direct From




Non-Responsive & Long Delays.


Not Guaranteed

Not Guaranteed

Not Guaranteed

On Your Own

Limited Assistance

On Your Own

On Your Own

Our Services

Fully Explained

Full Disclosure

Prompt & Timely

Objective & Broad

Timely & Unlimited



Guaranteed & Fast

Guaranteed & Operational


Available On Demand

Relative / Friend

Biased Explanations

Usually Disguised As Help


Limited Scope

Limited & Biased

Lacks Legal Powers






Important Considerations

One of the important considerations we strongly suggest you do not take lightly is the cost and budgeting. Ukraine has no official working provision for international students.

Intending students should do a proper financial assessment and ensure they can afford their entire educational cost while in Ukraine.

Things are gradually changing lately as working is gradually becoming remote and borderless.

While it is still a violation for international students to work in Ukraine while studying, working remotely outside Ukraine is an open option which some students are already exploiting.

Nevertheless, this should not be depended upon. Intending international students should be sure of reliable financial source for their entire education period in Ukraine.

With the information now in our disposal, you have graduated from the beginner category and can comfortably begin your admission process.

To get started, you can contact the universities using the links provided earlier, or click any of the buttons below to use our admission services.

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