ToStudyInUkraine.Org and StudyInUkraineGuide.Com are platforms of the educational consulting & recruitment subsidiary of “LLC OGUCS”, a business and educational consulting company registered in Ukraine.

Both platforms, as well as others affiliated to them, provide informational and recruitment services for international candidates wishing to enroll and study in one of Ukraine’s higher institutions.

Since 2009, lots of international candidates have utilized these platforms to secure university admission in Ukraine, enroll and actualize their educational and career ambitions.

As a company, we are very glad and humbled for the rare privilege to play a role in people’s lives, a responsibility we take very seriously.

This is the primary reason we try as much as we possibly can to provide one of the most clarified publications on this subject across the web, as well as transparent and understandable admission and recruitment procedures.

If you are here for the first time, we are glad to have you here, and look forward to assisting your university admission and enrollment in Ukraine, with your permission.


Our services are grouped into two categories: for parents and for candidates. The overall goal is the same, which is informed and smooth admission and enrollment services, and where necessary, monitor the progress of the student on parents’ request.


Whenever possible, we prefer to work with the parent(s) and the candidate for total inclusion, transparency and clarity.

That way we know for sure, that the candidate is not acting alone, but with the full consent of the parent(s) or guardian.

For the parent(s) or guardian, we provide a specialized service, that is only available on request. This is a service whereby we monitor the academic success of the candidate, as well as ensure the candidate doesn’t derail from the set objective.


Our services for the candidates are grouped into two categories: University Admission Service, and Post-Arrival University Enrollment Service

University Admission Service

  • Conduct a free pre assessment application service
  • Work alongside with you to choose a university
  • Get you official university invitation letter
  • Ensure that the university sends a copy to the Ukraine embassy in your country
  • Visa support letter from the Ministry of Education and Sciences

University Enrollment

  • Immigration Clearance Assistance
  • Airport Reception and Transfer to University
  • General University Registrations and Accommodation Arrangements
  • General Orientation
  • Assist in Opening Bank Accounts
  • Guide You To Streamline Your Academic Life

On request, we can also provide some services that are not listed above, such as special accommodation facilities for female students, resolving issues with the school, and any other service as requested by either the student or parent(s) and agreed upon by all parties involved.

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