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Terms Of Service

  • is owned and operated by LLC OguCS, an educational consulting firm registered in Ukraine, in accordance with Ukrainian legislature and company acts, hereinafter referred to as “OguCS”.
  • “OguCS” officially represents its partner Ukrainian universities in recruiting international students to study in various Ukrainian universities.
  • “OguCS” offers a free pre-assessment appraisal appraisal service, via our inbuilt appraisal system.
  • As a student / client of “OguCS”, via our consultancy after a successful post assessment outcome, we secure your admission without a pre-payment / deposit for university tuition and registration fees.
  • “OguCS” guarantees a genuine invitation letter from any of our partner universities.
  • Our consultancy fee is paid only on arrival of the student to Ukraine, after a completed and successful transaction.
  • Your financial contribution as consultancy fees helps keep this project running, and ensures that other students, like you, will also benefit from this project.
  • Payment for invitation letter, visa support letter and courier postage are paid upon acceptance of the provisional admission offer.
  • The cost of courier postage varies depending on the location of the student.
  • The cost of university invitation and visa support letter from the Ministry of Education Ukraine is always published for the particular admission year.
  • “OguCS” offers full money back guarantee upon failure to secure the invitation letter, after a confirmed payment for invitation and courier postage.
  • “OguCS” also offers, to our students, additional support letters as support materials to strengthen your visa application, should that be needed.
  • In accordance with our contract agreement with our partner universities, “OguCS” offer a full guidance and assistance to our students, for the first one year, which is the most vital period in the student’s academic life cycle abroad.
  • “OguCS” reserves the right to reject applications, if they do not meet admission requirements, or such other parameters as late submission, falsified documents, wrong representations, late payment for earlier issued vouchers, or infringe our working ethics.
  • “OguCS” may, without warning, change the content of this website, or any individual page for different reasons such as updates, corrections or general operational needs as such may arise.
  • This website may temporarily be down during server maintenance or other technical reasons.