Humanities Courses In Ukr. / Rus. Language & Tuition Cost


Course Ref.

Course Title

Accomodation ($)
Tuition ($)
Year 1Year 2Year 3Year 4
01HM/ApL/01Applied Linguistics8002200220022002200
02HM/FL/02Foreign Languages8002600260026002600
04HM/HRMEW/04Human resource management and economy of work8001700170017001700
08HM/PE/08Physical Education8001700170017001700

Can’t Find Your Choice Course In The List? No problem, there are many more courses than are not listed here. These are only the most popular courses. When filling the online application form, there is a provision to enter your course of interest. In the “additional comment” section, let us know that your choice course is not listed. So, go through the page and continue the application process.

List of humanities courses in Ukrainian / Russian language available for enrollment, after completing a language preparatory program.

The university can, and do review the tuition periodically, so the tuition amount may vary slightly during admission processing. Typically, the variation is usually minor and not of much significance. During the admission process, our consultants will assist you in choosing the most appropriate university that will closely correspond to your budget.

Down this page is a dynamic cost calculation form tool that calculates the total amount for admission processing. You can also click on the course ref # above to dynamically populate the form for the selected course, and automatically perform the calculation. You can also override it with your own entries.

Admission Processing Procedures

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