Nurses are among the most essential medical personnel, and it’s practically impossible to have a functional hospital without nurses.

It’s a profession that will never lose its relevance. With quality nurses in short supply, many international students are discovering the huge opportunity to study nursing in Ukraine, for quality nursing education at an affordable cost.

As a profession, nursing and Nurses are always in demand and will stay that way for the foreseeable future, as long as healthcare remains an essential part of human existence.

Apart from the deep emotional satisfaction of positively impacting people’s lives, material compensation for nurses could be highly rewarding.

In Ukraine, bachelor’s degree in nursing program involves both theoretical and practical courses in many essential fields such as anatomy, mental health, physiology, paediatric nursing, etc. It all starts with a study of the fundamental medical and biological basics.

That way, a professional nursing specialist is fully trained and prepared to handle different medical scenarios including emergency, surgery operations, maternity, paediatrics,  and general healthcare.

Students also have the option to specialize in a particular branch of nursing, such as adult nursing, child nursing, mental health nursing, disabilities nursing etc.

Nursing graduates from Ukrainian universities, both Ukrainians and foreign nationals, successfully work both in their home countries and also in developed countries such as the USA, Canada and different European countries.

Teaching Languages For Nursing In Ukraine

In Ukraine, nursing degree program is taught in either of the following languages:

  1. Ukrainian;
  2. Russian;
  3. English.

This, however, doesn’t mean that all three languages are always available in all the institutions offering nursing. However, one of the local Ukrainian / Russian language will always be available.

An international student can therefore choose any of the available languages to study nursing in Ukraine.

Students from the former CIS Soviet Republics typically study in Russian language, being conversant with the language.

Students from Anglophone countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, India, Pakistan, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Cameroon etc., usually opt to study in English language.

Students from Francophone countries, Middle-East & Asia, such as Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Palestine, Guinea, Angola, Ivory Coast, etc., that are neither conversant with English nor Ukrainian / Russian language undergo a preparatory program to enable them study in either Ukrainian or Russian language.

This intensive language preparatory program lasts for one academic year, after which the student enrolls to study in either Ukrainian or Russian language.

Admission Requirements To Study Nursing In Ukraine

To be admitted to study Nursing in Ukraine as an international student, the candidate must have completed secondary / high school with credit passes in 5 subjects.

Study of subjects like Biology & Chemistry will be an advantage, but not a strict requirement, as the students will undergo the fundamental medical and biological courses.

Bachelor’s Degree Admission Requirements For Nursing: 

  1. Not Less Than 17 Years Of Age;
  2. Completed Secondary / High School With Results;
  3. Credit Passes In 5 Subjects, including Biology;
  4. An International Passport.

Candidate with prior training in nursing education from a recognized higher institution may be able to transfer existing course credit towards the current admission. if eligible.

Master’s Degree Admission Requirements For Nursing: 

  1. Completed Secondary / High School With Results;
  2. Completed Bachelor’s Degree In Nursing Or Related Discipline;
  3. Result Transcript Showing Subjects & Grades Obtained;
  4. An International Passport

How Much Does It Cost To Study Nursing In Ukraine?

For most universities in Ukraine, the tuition cost for studying nursing will fall within the range of $2000 – $3500 per annum, depending on the language of study and the specific university.

Ukraine has one of the lowest tuition costs in Europe, for quality nursing education with a globally recognized certificate.

With a cost of living in Ukraine, that’s also much lower than most of other European countries, the overall cost of nursing education in Ukraine becomes much more affordable.

Across Europe and other alternative educational destinations, you’re sure to find the cheapest nursing school in Ukraine.

To calculate the general cost, it is broken into admission processing cost, and post-arrival payments for tuition, accommodation and other administrative costs.

Below are the tuition for Nursing and other medical courses.

Medical / Health Science Courses & Tuition

Where To Study Nursing In Ukraine

Nursing in Ukraine is taught either in specialized medical colleges or in a medical university along with other medical courses.

Majority of the medical colleges do not have accreditation to train international students as their primary orientation revolves around training qualified nursing personnel for the local hospitals and health institutions.

Consequently, international students study nursing in Ukraine in medical universities, with both accreditation and global recognition. These universities are specialized medical universities that train both nurses, doctors and other medical professionals.

In these medical universities, qualified and experienced lecturers train the students in both the theory and practical aspects of nursing, as applicable to the modern medical demands. The practical aspects happen in modern hospitals for hands-on practical exercises

Theory and practical training at nursing faculties in Ukraine is taught by high profile lecturers and practicals are held at modern hospitals.

Many will still want to know what’s the best nursing schools in Ukraine for international students? The simple answer is that all accredited medical schools in Ukraine have met the international standards for training quality nurses.

In essence, any of the accredited medical universities is as good as the next, so the choice will eventually boil down to the candidate’s budget and personal preference.

Certificates / Degrees Awarded Upon Graduation

  1. Junior Specialist: 2-year program (Advanced Diploma in Nursing);
  2. Bachelor Degree: 3-4 year program (Bachelors of Science in Nursing);
  3. Master Degree: 2-year program (Masters of Science in Nursing).

These certificates are recognized by all mainstream international medical and nursing organizations, including the World Health Organization.

 Role Of Nurses 

Nurses are not only essential but inevitable to the smooth running of any hospital. Their importance can never be overemphasized and will always remain the single force without which no hospital can effectively operate.

Their roles include, but not limited, to the following:

  • Administer drugs to patients, intramuscular injections and intravenous infusions;
  • Assists the doctor during medical treatments, as well as minor and major surgical operations;
  • Facilitate pre and post-operation care;
  • Assists pregnant women during maternity and childbirth;
  • Takes physical records of patients, such as as temperatures and blood pressures, in readiness for diagnosis or treatment;
  • Take the blood sample of patients for analysis;
  • Provides care for patients in both the medical institutions and at home;
  • Carries out sterilization of medical instruments, dressing facilities and items for patient’s care;
  • Keeps & maintains medical records, schedules and outpatient medical appointments;
  • Ensures professional handling and disposal of medical waste, to avoid environmental pollution and contamination;
  • Offers psychological support for patients and their relatives.

Nurses are indeed life-savers, care-givers, and beacons of hope to millions of patients worldwide. They are an indispensable part of our lives, and nursing, therefore, is a very important and indispensable medical education.

International Students Studying Nursing In Ukraine

Majority of the international students studying nursing in Ukraine come from Asia & Africa.

These include countries such as India, Iraq, Kuwait, Algeria, Nigeria, Ghana, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, China, Turkey, Egypt, Uganda, South Africa and numerous other countries.

Also, owing to the cost advantages, a lot of students from advanced countries such as Canada, USA, Australia & UK also come to study nursing in Ukraine.

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