International students planning to study in Ukraine must thoroughly consider and be fully aware of all the applicable university fees and tuition.

While this may seem obvious, many would-be students actually resort to assumptions in place of proper financial planning, leading to bitter experiences, frustrations and sometimes even expulsions.

This post addresses this issue, and is primarily geared towards international students planning to study in Ukraine, hence the title: “Ukraine university fees and tuition for international students“.

Ukraine’s comparatively low tuition and cost of living is the primary stimuli that attracts international students to Ukraine for university education.

However, low tuition doesn’t necessarily translate to absence of tuition, deferred tuition or scholarship award. Prospective international students must note that there are still fees that must be duly paid, regardless of the amount.

Ukraine Is One Of The Most Cost-Effective European Educational Destination With Comparatively Affordable University Fees & Tuition For International Students.

Courses And Tuition Fees Range

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Tuition fees in Ukraine universities range anywhere from $1200 to $5000, depending on the program of study.  Most preparatory programs tuition are typically less than $2000, and could be as low as $1000 in some universities.

For undergraduate programs, the tuition does depend on the language of study as well as the particular course of study, and even the university.

Courses offered in English language are typically a bit more expensive than the very same course offered in the local Ukrainian / Russian language. Medical courses typically cost more than most other courses.

Similarly, the very same course offered by a famous university in Kyiv would cost higher than when offered by a relatively unknown but quality university that is not located in the capital city.

With the exception of medical courses such as general medicine and dentistry that cost in the neighbourhood of $4000 – $5000 when taught in English language, the rest of the undergraduate courses tuition would fall within the range of $2000 – $3500.

Other Applicable Fees

Accommodation Fees

Apart from the tuition, another basic payment is accommodation fees. Depending on where the student will be living, the cost would be reflective of that.

Students living in the university hostel typically pay anywhere between $300 – $1000 per annum, depending on the quality of the hostel.

Rented apartments and flats outside the campus cost more than hostel, and can be expected to cost anywhere from $200 per month upwards or a bit less, depending on the condition of the apartment.

Normally, two or more students can share an apartment to reduce the cost. It is highly recommended for international students to live in the university hostel, at least for the first year for better adaptation and be under the watchful eyes of the hostel’s security.

Administrative Fees

Besides the tuition and hostel payment, there are also other administrative payments required for university registration, residential permit processing, medical test, medical insurance, immigration insurance and in some universities, even hostel insurance.

The total for these fees will range between $200 – $300, but  do vary across universities and are usually paid annually.

When using the services of an intermediary company, the company will provide the exact fees amount to the student for the particular university in question.

Students that are individually processing their admissions should find out  the exact amount for these fees from the university.

One-Time Payments

The last set of payment are the operational costs, that are usually paid only once.

This includes the cost of airport reception, transportation to the university and company service fees for candidates using the services of admission consultants.

This amount also varies depending on the scope of services rendered by the company and the travel distance to the university location from the international port of entry. Typically, this will range between $800 – $1200 or a bit more depending on the scope of services rendered.

The combined total of the above fees becomes the overall amount that an international student will be paying for his / her university education in Ukraine. With this, the student is able to financially plan better, and most importantly, make an informed decision about studying in Ukraine.

Leniency & Red Lines Of Tuition Fees Payment In Ukraine

One pleasant surprise about Ukraine university tuition fees is that, unlike many European and American universities, the difference between the tuition paid by Ukraine citizens and international students is almost insignificant.

There is no deliberate attempt to financially exploit international students and charge them multiples of what Ukrainians pay, unlike many other countries where this is common practice.

Another pleasant surprise is that many Ukrainian universities allow international students to split their tuition payment into semesters, which considerably reduces the financial burden for students that may be struggling financially.

On the flip side, non-payment of school fees within the allowed time-frame could lead to a student’s expulsion. This is a very ugly experience any international student wouldn’t want to experience.

Student’s expulsion in Ukraine is very serious, as the student’s residential permit will be revoked, prompting the student to leave the country or risk immigration violations.

What If The Student Makes Payment After Expulsion? Even if the student somehow gets the money to make the payment after the university expulsion, the law might still require the student to first leave Ukraine and seek a fresh entry visa to return back to the university.

This is definitely something every international student should bear in mind and avoid as much as possible.


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