Ukraine University Fees and Tuition For International Students

International students planning to study in Ukraine must properly budget for all applicable university fees and tuition for the chosen course of study. While this may seem obvious, many would-be students actually make budget assumptions instead of a detailed and accurate calculation, leading to bitter experiences.

Consequently, this post is primarily for international students planning to study in Ukraine, hence the titled: “Ukraine university fees and tuition for international students“.


The fees and tuition vary across universities, depending on the intended program of study, from preparatory program to postgraduate studies.

Same course, offered in different languages such as English, Ukrainian / Russian, or by different universities attract different fees and tuition.

It is, therefore, very important for an intending international student not to have a pre-conceived amount, but verify the exact amount applicable to the intended course of study, for the chosen study language and for the choice university.

Fees and tuition do change over time. Depending on when you’re reading this, there might already have been some changes. Universities do review their fees structure at the beginning of each academic year. Although changes are usually slight, it is worth mentioning that it is not static.

Therefore, one of the first thing an international candidate planning to study in Ukraine should do is to find out specifically from the university concerned, or through the admission consultant, the current tuition and fees for the course of interest.

What is Ukraine University Fees and Tuition:

For the purpose of this post, Ukraine university fees and tuition will be constrained to the combined annual payment for accommodation and payment made to school for the right to study a particular course of student’s interest. With this definition, this post won’t include other payments such as medical insurance, registration fees, cost of living, admission cost, visa processing cost and various other applicable fees. Although those are equally important, they will be discussed in another post, so that this post remains focused on the subject matter.

The fees fall into three broad categories, and within each category, we have listed available courses and their tuition fees.

  1. Ukraine University Fees for Engineering and Sciences.
  2. Ukraine University Fees for Social Sciences, Management and Humanities.
  3. Ukraine University Fees for Medical Courses.

Each of the sections contains a list of courses available for study, including those available for study in English language. Down the sections, you will also see the general admission requirements.


The resources linked above contain elaborate listing of Ukraine university fees and tuition for international students. With this, you are able to financially plan better, and most importantly, make an informed decision about studying in Ukraine.

Click any of the buttons below to go straight to the list of courses offered in English, Ukrainian or Russian language, as well as all applicable university fees and tuition for the courses.