FAQ Study In Ukraine

FAQ Study In UkraineWhere is Ukraine Located?

Please visit the section on facts and misconceptions about Ukraine for detailed answer to this and other related questions about Ukraine.

Do Ukrainian Universities And Certificates Have International Recognition?

Not all Ukrainian higher institutions have international accreditation and license to teach foreign students. However, the universities our agency represent and will recommend for studies, have international recognition and licensed to teach foreign students, as well as internationally recognized certificates.

What Is The Everyday Language Of Communication In Ukraine? 

The major communication languages in Ukraine are Ukrainian language and Russian language. Ukrainian language is the official language of Ukraine, but Russia language is widely spoken. The western part of Ukraine communicate mostly in Ukrainian language.

What Are The Teaching Languages In Universities? 

The teaching language could be any of the of the three languages below
Ukrainian language, being the official language, is the default teaching language, a role Russian language used to play in the past. However, Russia language is also still used for teaching in many institutions. The use of English as a teaching language is relatively recent, and was introduced mainly to accommodate foreign students that do not wish to study in the native Ukrainian or Russian language. Foreign students that wish to study in the native language will have to go through a one academic year of language learning course. Notwithstanding, not all courses are available for study in English language.

Is TOEFL And Similar Language Tests Mandatory For Admission Purposes? 

For students from native English speaking origin, this is not mandatory. However, students without native English knowledge study in the native Ukrainian or Russian language. They are however, tested for knowledge of the native language at the end of the one year language learning program. This is specially organized to teach the students the basic native language and other related subjects as it relates to their chosen discipline.

Where Are Students Accommodated During Studies And What Is The Cost? 

Students live in hostels provided by the university. The cost varies from one university to another, and also depends on the number of inmates in the room. On the average, it could cost anywhere ranging from $400 – $1000 per annum, depending on the accommodation type and quality.

Are Students Allowed To Live Alone In A Hostel Room? 

Students are allowed to live alone in the hostel room, but at an extra charge. The extra charge will be to offset the cost of the other supposed inmates for the room. Depending on the size of the room, the number of allowed inmates for a room could be either two, or three which is the maximum.

Are Students Allowed To Live Off-Campus During Studies? 

It is advisable for students to live in the university hostel during studies, as it makes it easier for processing their residential registration documents and general security purposes. However, students can be allowed to live off university hostels, as long as they officially process their residential registration documents to reflect the correct address of the off-campus accommodation where they reside.

When Is The Best Time To Start Processing Admission To Study In Ukraine

From the beginning of May, it is already advisable to start the admission process to have enough room for general preparations.

What Is The Average Monthly Cost Of Living For A Student Studying In Ukraine? 

This depends on the student’s spending habit. Generally, a budget of anywhere from $200 – $300 will be adequate for a student’s average monthly upkeep. However, students on special diet or special requirements might require a little more, depending on their specific requirement. However, conservative students might be able to have some savings from this budget.