International Students

International StudentsInternational students refer to students of one nationality or country, studying in another country which is not their home country. It could be college studies, university education, post graduate or research studies.

Some international students are the result of an exchange program between the student’s local community or institutions and a foreign education center, while others are by means of the students planned and direct effort.

Why Become An International Student?

Being an international student requires the student to travel abroad for the single purpose of acquiring education. This is obviously not an overnight decision, and is probably influenced by some logical judgment. Considering that it might be a bit more expensive to study abroad than at home country, it becomes interesting what prompts students want to become international students. Below are some of the reasons:

Scholarship award: this could be in the form of an exchange program or direct scholarship award to deserving students, from governmental or non-governmental organizations. Obviously the financial leverage is enough incentive to motivate students desire to become international students.

To study a foreign language: Some students of foreign language, in an attempt to improve their language proficiency, decide to travel abroad where the language is freely spoken in order to enhance their communication efficiency in the language.

Specialized training: Some countries have track records of achievements in specific fields of learning. Sometimes, some specialized training are not available for study in the student’s home country. In either case, the student may opt to travel abroad in order to acquire the special knowledge.

Lack or inadequate universities in home country: It is also known that some countries do not have enough standard educational institutions to adequately cater for the educational needs of students. As a result, students that are keen to study, but not finding it easy to gain admission in the home educational institutions, opt to travel abroad for studies.

Increase competitiveness: Mostly, certificates acquired from international recognized universities increases the student’s competitive value in the skilled labor market. As a result, most students choose to graduate as international students in order to take advantage of this opportunity.

Admission ease: In some instances, students find it easier to gain admission for their dream course abroad, than in the home university. This is true, and mostly prevalent in developing countries, where distribution of educational institutions are also still developing.

Prestige: It is also a sign of prestige and affluence for parents to send their kids abroad to study. A lot of international students fall into this category, which merely shows the parents position in the society.

Whatever the reason, being an international student has its advantages and challenges. Below are a few of them:

•  Quality education and skill acquisition
•  International exposure
•  Wider job opportunities
•  More recognized degree
•  Multi-cultural friendship and networking

•  Cost
•  Cultural differences
•  Weather and climate differences
•  Distance from home

The experiences and qualifications accumulated as an international student, no doubt, opens a whole new horizon of opportunities for the student. Close ties with fellow international students from different countries could create a life long friendship and professional collaboration spanning across borders. Above all, the student graduates as a skilled professional, well equipped to compete favorably anywhere.

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