Requirements To Study in Ukraine

The requirements to study in Ukraine are divided into Four categories namely:

  1. Admission Requirements
  2. Visa Requirements
  3. Travel Requirements
  4. University Registration Requirements

Admission Requirements To Study in Ukraine:

this refers to the legal and academic required to qualify for university admission. They are:

  • A filled application form
  • Bio data copy of your international passport indicating the following: Name, Surname, Date of Birth and contact info
  • A copy of secondary school completion certificate
  • A copy of secondary school completion subject grades
  • A fees confirmation copy (bank copy) (for some universities)

Some universities may have additional in-house requirements, but above are the general requirements that will be applicable to most universities

Supplementary Requirements for Postgraduate students

  • Copy of the Bachelor’s / Master’s Certificate
  • University Transcripts
  • Visa Requirements:

Some countries do not require visa. These include: Poland, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Mongolia. Also, all countries of the former Soviet Union are visa free to Ukraine. The only exceptions are: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. However, check with the Ukrainian consulate in your country to confirm the necessity or otherwise. Click Here for a list of all visa free countries to Ukraine.

On confirmation that you will need a visa, then the following requirements apply.

Visa Processing Requirements To Study in Ukraine:

  • A valid international passport
  • original admission / invitation letter from the university
  • A confirmation letter to the Ukrainian consulate in your country from the university
  • A copy of the contract (optional)
  • Health insurance certificate that is valid in Ukraine
  • Medical fitness certificate, including HIV certificate
  • Other in-house requirements specified by the Ukrainian consulate in your country

Once every thing is in place, the embassy will issue you a study visa. The study visa duration is usually not long in duration, so be sure to use it while it is valid. Now, it is time for your travel requirements.

Travel Requirements:

  • A valid passport with Visa
  • Entry Visa

University Registration Requirements:

  • Original copies of all the documents listed above and Notarized Translated Copies
  • In-house medical / health examination
  • 6 – 8 copies of passport sized photographs, dimensions (3 x 4)cm
  • A medical fitness certificate

Those are the general basic requirements to study in Ukraine, that a prospective international students is expected to have.

Visit Admission Procedures To Study In Ukraine page, for a detailed procedure or Fill The Online Ukraine University Application Form