Travel Guide To Ukraine During Quarantine For Foreigners

Travel Guide To Ukraine During Quarantine For Foreigners

As measures to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Ukraine, the government imposed temporary travel lockdown into Ukraine from March 16th 2020.

Ukraine’s international borders were closed and remained so till June 13th 2020, when the ban was lifted and allowed foreign citizens to enter Ukraine in accordance with the Resolution № 477 of Ukraine’s Cabinet Ministry, dated June 12th 2020.

The entry permission for foreign citizens is subject to some conditions that should be met before a foreign citizen will be allowed to enter the territory of Ukraine as follows:

  • Accordingly, in compliance with Resolution №392 dated May 20, 2020, foreigners who do not have a permanent residence permit in Ukraine can only be allowed entry into Ukraine’s territory if they have valid medical insurance that covers any costs related to COVID-19 observation and treatment in Ukraine.
  • Foreigners who are citizens of countries considered to be of the red zone category, or who may be travelling from the red zone countries will be subjected to 14 days isolation in a specialized facility.

The 14 days isolation in a specialized facility shall not apply for the following conditions:

  • The foreigner consents to self-isolation using the government’s Act At Home app, which monitors and ensures compliance of the self-isolation by the foreign citizen.
  • A foreigner who may be a citizen of a red zone country, but have not been to the territory of the red zone country for the last 14 days.
  • A foreigner who simply passed through the territory of the red zone country on transit.

Note that these also apply to foreigners with temporary residence permit in Ukraine, a category that includes the majority of the international students that study in Ukraine. This does not apply to foreigners and stateless persons permanently residing in Ukraine, refugees, and persons in need of additional protection.

The insurance policy (certificate) must be issued by an insurance company registered in Ukraine or a foreign insurance company with a representative office in Ukraine or a contractual relationship with an insurance company – a partner on the territory of Ukraine (assistance), and covers the costs associated with the treatment of COVID-19, observation, and is valid for the period of stay in Ukraine.

Thanks to these measures, international air transport service was restored to Ukraine from June 15, 2020,  allowing foreign citizens who meet criteria above entry into Ukraine.

For the above criteria to work properly, countries were divided into two zones, Red zone and Green zone countries, as defined below.

The red and green zoning, as initiated by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, is based on the spread of COVID-19 per 100,000 population of a country.

“Red zone” – countries with more than 40 active cases per 100,000 population. People entering Ukraine from the “red zone” countries need to undergo self-isolation or observation for 14 days.

“Green zone” – less than 40 active cases per 100,000 population. People entering Ukraine from the “green zone” countries do not need self-isolation or observation.

As mentioned earlier, citizens of the “red zone” countries do not need to undergo self-isolation or observation if they arrive from the “green zone” countries and are able to confirm their stay in the “green zone” area within the last 14 days.

The Ukrainian Ministry Of Health will be monitoring and updating the number of active cases of COVID-19 per 100,000 population in all countries every three days and can be monitored here.

Payment For The Observation & Treatment Of Foreigners In Ukraine.

As mentioned earlier, all foreigners arriving in Ukraine must have an insurance policy without which entrance into Ukraine is prohibited.

Treatment and observation are, therefore, paid by the Insurance company according to the insurance policy, or borne by the foreigner, but definitely not by the government.

The insurances can be purchased online via any of the following Insurance companies: Spare, Vuso, Ekta, or other insurance companies that meet the set requirements.

Additional useful information regarding COVID-19 and travelling measures to Ukraine could be found at COVID-19 UA and VisitUkraine.

In general, foreigners should use this as a travel guide to Ukraine during quarantine, and observe the aforementioned conditions, as well as the following:

  • Make sure to have a Ukrainian mobile number, especially for citizens from the red zone country, in order to install and configure the act at home app.
  • Monitor Borispol Airport updated rules and regulations applicable to passengers, as well as any new required compliances.

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