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Donetsk National University Review

Donetsk National University (DonNU) is a recognized and prominent higher educational center that has trained thousands of professionals since establishment, more than 50 years ago. It has received multiple educational and scientific awards as a recognition for it’s profound educational and human development in Ukraine’s higher educational and scientific sphere.

The university provides training for Bachelors program, Masters and PhD programs Ukrainian and foreigners alike.  Areas of training include natural-scientific, humanitarian and economic fields of knowledge. It offers undergraduate programs leading to bachelor’s degrees as well as graduate education leading to master’s degrees in 53 specialties. Postgraduate Studies department provides training of scientists in 63 specialties.

Donetsk National University collaborates and maintains professional relationships with leading global educational research and scientific organizations, in its bid to providing top notch quality training to its students. A lot of emphasis is given to practical research works to consolidate theory and proposed hypothesis. A lot of it’s scientific works has been patented and in use locally and internationally. It is actively and always in international cooperation as it integrates with the global community towards meeting 21st century educational challenges for the growing and complex economies.

Donetsk National University maintains relations with more than seventy (70) universities around the world. It is a member of the European University Association, two international associations (Eurasian and “AIMOS”), a participant in numerous European research and educational programmes such as TEMRUS, 6th and 7th Framework Programme of the EU, programmes of the International Fund “Vidrodjennia” (“Revival”). It organizes and takes part in numerous international conferences.

Donetsk National University is the only higher education institution in Ukraine that has become a member of the GUIDE Association (Global Universities In Distance Education) created with an aim to promote innovation technology in the field of education.

The university’s main objective is to train highly qualified specialists able to provide progressive development of economy and society for Ukraine and beyond. The University has always tried to be a leader in the field of modernization of the national system of education and science in accordance with modern standards and the needs of integration into global cultural space. DonNU continues its work in this direction.

In 2014, Donetsk National University opened a new chapter in its 77-year history. Due to the complex socio-political instability in the eastern part which let to armed conflict, the university was evacuated and relocated to Vinnytsia by the Ukraine Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, for security of its personnel and students.

Quick Stats of Donetsk National University

Level of accreditation: IV
License of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for the right to train specialists for foreign countries: AA № 868061
Form of ownership: state property
Subordination: Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
Founded: 1937
Training of foreign students: since 1973 


  • Accounting and Audit     BM
  •  Enterprise Economics     BM
  • Marketing     BM
  • International Economics    BM
  • Personnel Management and Labor Economics …BM
  • Economical Cybernetics    BM
  • Journalism    BM
  • Documentation Science and Information Activity    BM
  • History    BM
  • Psychology    BM
  • Political Science     BM
  • International Relations    BM
  • Law Studies     BM
  • Chemistry     BM
  • Biology    BM
  • Mathematics     BM
  • Physics     BM
  • Applied Mathematics     M
  • Metrology and Measuring Devices    M
  • Ecology and Environmental Protection    M
  • Ukrainian Language and Literature    M
  • Language and Literature    M (Russian, English, German, French)
  • Translation    M
  • Statistics     M
  • Biochemistry    M
  • Physiology     M
  • Biophysics     M
  • Botany     M
  • Management of Organizations    M
  • Finances    M
  • Banking    M
  • Radio Physics and Electronics     M
  • Applied Economics     M
  • Economical Statistics    M
  • Intelligence Systems for Decision Making     M
  • Computer Ecological and Economical Monitoring ..M
  • Computer Science     B
  • Metrology and Information Measuring Technologies     B
  • Ecology, Environmental Protection and Balanced Natural Resources Application    B
  • Philology    B
  • Management    B
  • Finances and Credit    B
  • Radio Electronic Apparatus     B
  • Preparatory Faculty for Foreigners

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