Higher Education In Ukraine


Higher education in Ukraine refers to the entire system of education beyond secondary school level. This includes first level technical and vocational schools, second level technical and vocational colleges, and universities, which are considered the third level.

For this post, the focus will be on university education, so the term “higher education in Ukraine” will refer to university education in Ukraine.

Higher education in Ukraine starts after successful completion of the 11 years basic schooling, and passing the university entrance examination.

It is coordinated and supervised by the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Ukraine.

Degrees awarded on successful completion include Bachelors degree, Specialization, Masters Degree and Doctorate. Although there are some other degrees awarded in between, the afore-mentioned ones are the strategic ones.

The minimum duration of the university education that will merit a degree is four academic years for a bachelors degree program.

Medical courses require longer duration, up to six years. Postgraduate programs also attract additional time, from one to five years or more, depending on the program (MSc. or PhD.), the course, degree pursued and the student’s commitment.

Teaching languages:

• Ukrainian Language (national language)
• Russia Language (fading away)
• English Language (optional mainly for foreign students)

Ukraine nationals primarily study in the native Ukrainian or Russian language. Many years ago, Russian language used to be widely used as the main teaching language, but this is currently changing in favour of the native and national Ukrainian language.

Recent regulations gravitates towards the use of Ukrainian language as the sole teaching language for Ukrainian citizens, with complete eradication of Russian language.

International students in Ukraine have a choice of studying either in the native language or in English language. This is subject to the availability of the program in English.

Foreign students that opt to study in Ukrainian or Russian language undergo a one year language preparatory course, during which they undergo an intensive language learning program, as well as other courses related to their future discipline.

On graduation from the language preparatory program, they receive an additional certificate of proficiency for the language, which compensates for the additional year, and enables them to subsequently enroll into any university in Ukraine offering their course.

Students studying in English language skip this preparatory program, but study the language as an independent course during their academic program.

Academic Calendar

University academic year in Ukraine runs from 1st of September to 31st of June. This is split into two semesters, with a brief two weeks winter break in January, and a long vacation from 1st of July to 31st of August.

For foreign students, some slight changes were introduced to accommodate two admission seasons: March and September intake. Beyond this slight entry changes, foreign students also follow the same academic calendar mentioned above.

Student, both native and foreign, are expected to arrive early enough to be ready for academic activities from the beginning of the academic year.

Students for the language program are allowed to arrive a bit late, as admission into the program technically goes on all year round. Similarly, admission for Postgraduate programs also go on all year round.

International students that study in Ukraine are subjected to the same regulations and guidelines governing higher education in Ukraine.

After graduation, however, foreign students are expected to legalize their certificates with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and their country’s Diplomatic Mission if available. This practice is done primarily for accreditation of the certificate. Failure to do this might put the certificate under additional scrutiny, and in some cases, invalidated when tendered.

Ukraine has a teeming population of students undergoing higher education, in different fields and specialization. Among this population is a growing community of international students, arriving Ukraine annually for educational purposes.

Higher education system in Ukraine cordially accommodates international students. Unlike many other European countries higher education in Ukraine is comparatively cost effective, where tuition differences between natives and international students are insignificant.

As a young sovereign nation, Ukraine is socially stable, with warm hospitality to foreigners. It is indeed, recommended for anyone seeking for quality and affordable education abroad. For a list of available courses and their tuition, click the button below to visit the page.

Higher Education In Ukraine